Welcome to the Chinese program at Sacramento State

CHIN_Character.pngDid you know that there is no Chinese equivalent to the words "yes" or "hello"? Do you know why you cannot simply translate the word "uncle" into Chinese? Just what were the Chinese "hippies" of the third century thinking, and how did Liu An manage to get his whole household, including servants, chickens, and dogs, to rise up to heaven with him when he became an immortal? Whether you know nothing about Chinese or you are of Chinese heritage, Chinese classes at Sacramento State will help you better understand not only Chinese language and culture, but also your own language and culture, and have fun along the way!

We offer a minor in Chinese, with courses in Mandarin Chinese, Classical Chinese, Chinese civilization, and pre-modern Chinese literature. When you complete your Chinese studies at Sacramento State, you will have a strong foundation in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters, an understanding of Classical Chinese from as long as 3,000 years ago, and an appreciation of the beautiful and ever changing Chinese culture. Study abroad at one of our exchange partners in Taiwan or mainland China.