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Our Faculty

Dr. Nicole Buffard has been teaching French Language and Literature in the US since 1988. She arrived NicoleBuffard_Web.jpgat Sac State in 2002 after spending 14 years teaching at a midwestern university. She teaches a wide range of courses, from beginning French to upper division Literature courses. Her research focuses on Algerian women writers and how they use Metaphors in their writings as a tool to confront the political establishment in their country and in France. It is a topic she addresses in her literature classes as well. Nicole was born in Normandy, France. She immigrated to the US in 1982, and currently lives in Davis with her daughter Léna.

K_Elstob_Web.jpgDr. Kevin Elstob has been teaching French for over 15 years in the United States. His specialty is Theatre and Francophone Civilization. If you are interested in traveling, check with Dr. Elstob for he has led numerous study-abroad programs (to France and Québec). He loves film and "contemporary urban sounds" (that's music to everyone else).

Dr. Béatrice Kelley Russell:  Dr. Russell joined our staff in Fall 2004. Chambord castle in FranceShe is from Burundi. She did her undergraduate studies in French at the University of Burundi, her M.A. in French at the University of Arkansas, at Fayetteville, and her Ph.D. in French Linguistics at University of California, Davis. Her speciality is second language acquisition as well as French and francophone literature. Béatrice loves dancing, tennis, traveling, and her dog.

Why Take French?

Map of Francophone worldFrench is a beautiful language! It is spoken throughout the world and has always been the language of both diplomacy and love! Check out the course catalog for careers which would benefit by knowing French (such as international business, journalism, government service, teaching, not to mention just living abroad)!

French is a very practical language! Check out this impressive list of reasons WHY STUDY FRENCH (posted at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University).

B.A. French Major & French Minor programs

A Bachelor of Arts in French takes 36 units (upper division units). A minor in French takes 12Louvre Museum in Paris units of upper division, all of which must be taken in French. Start taking French courses this semester and the minor or major will be finished in less time than you think! Check out the course catalog and a live schedule through MySacState in your Student Center*.

Check with the French Program Advisors to make sure you are taking the appropriate sequence of courses with Dr. Kevin Elstob: Faculty page, or e-mail kelstob@csus.edu

*Available for enrolled students with valid Sac State ID number

Graduation Requirement

Sac State has a foreign language graduation requirement. See our updated Foreign Language Graduation Requirement page. You need to show competency at the beginning level, in a language other than English. A passing grade is C- or better:

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* If you have had three (3) years or more of a Foreign Language in high school with a passing grade, then you have completed the Sac State Foreign Language Graduation Requirement.

* If you only had two (2) years or less of a foreign language in high school, then you must complete the requirement at Sac State. You have some options:

* If you have grown up with French, you may take and must pass two tests in 2 language skills (one of which must be either reading or writing). A highschool or college diploma from a French-speaking country also meets the requirement. Check with the French area head, Dr. Kevin Elstob (kelstob@csus.edu), for an appointment.

* If French was your high school language (with only 1 or 2 years), you may elect to complete a second semester college level (the 1B level) of French. If not, take both French 1A and French 1B and complete both with a passing grade.

* If you are taking a new language (different from high school), you need to complete the beginning courses (French 1A and French 1B) with a passing grade.

* If you have had 1 college semester French, French 1A at Sac State, or 2 years of high school French with a strong knowledge base and a good grade, you may take French 1B (second semester college French).

Intermediate French (French 2A and/or French 2B) or any Advanced upper division course (taught in French) will also complete the graduation requirement.

Other language training or testing programs, such as AP scores, CLEP or IB, are also ways to meet the graduation requirement for French.

 It is very important that you check on your specific graduation requirement with an advisor, read up on the requirement, and check with a Professor of French.

Study & Work Abroad

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The French Program successfully places students in variety of academic study and employment positions overseas. We are updating this information for you, but check back here again soon. Information, applications, and interviews usually take place in the fall semester (November) for the following summer, so keep this in mind as you plan for the next year. For more information contact International Programs and Global Engagement (IPGE) in the Library breezeway or visit their website.

Student Teacher Credentials

French baguette breadThe French Program coordinator is Dr. Kevin Elstob:  Tel. (916) 278-6565  E-mail kelstob@csus.edu.




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