Certificate Program in Healthcare Spanish (HEALS)

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  • The Certificate Program in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (HEALS) is designed to prepare students in the healthcare fields to serve a growing Latino population in California.
  • Courses forcus on specialized medical terminology and cross-dialectal and - cultural variation within Latin American and US Spanish. The courses have an emphasis on culturally appropriate communication and interaction added to all courses.

Intended Audience

This program is designed for students in Healthcare professions such as Nursing, Health Science, Kinesiology, and Social Work.

Program Overview

IMG_1550.jpgThis program addresses the urgent need for linguistically and culturally prepared healthcare workers serving the rapidly growing largest minority group in the state: Hispanics. Two California State University campuses, CSUSB (in southern California) and CSUS (in northern California), are partnering as a consortium to develop a new Certificate Program in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, including an international cultural experience in Costa Rica.

Cultural sensitivity and effective communication are top priority for Latinos when meeting with a health care provider. Common language (and culture) between patient and physician can increase levels of trust and comfort."1

This project reflects both campuses’ commitment to internationalizing the curriculum and to adequately preparing students for their professional careers. It also fits in with the Modern Language Association’s (MLA’s) white paper on New Structures for Foreign Language departments (www.mla.org/flreport) that seeks to enrich the language curriculum through the offering of interdisciplinary coursework. The HEALS program requires completion of four required courses and a practicum for a total of 17 academic units. The lower-division courses will have a hybrid format, while the upper-division courses will be offered using a online format, which provides optimum flexibility for working adult students. 1Binational Healthweek 2011 Campaign Guide

CSUS Students

To enroll in SPAN 2A, you need SPAN 1B or equivalent

Important note: HEALS based courses are only offered in specific semesters and are designated as "Section 10."

Program Requirements:

8 Lower Division Units

SPAN 2A Section 10*

SPAN 2B Section 10**

Intermediate Spanish: Medical I

Intermediate Spanish: Medical II

Fall 2018 Syllabus 

Spring 2019 Syllabus

6 Upper Division Units

SPAN 121*


SPAN 151 Section 10**

Spanish for Professionals: Advanced Medical

Civilization & Culture of Spanish America

Fall 2018 Syllabus  

Spring 2019 Syllabus 

3 Internship Units SPANISH 575D or SPANSIH 194 Costa Rica or Sacramento Based Program

*Course offered in Fall only.
**Course offered in Spring only.
HEALS Brochure (PDF)

HEALS California State University, San Bernardino

College of Continuing Education Certificate Program

Option to enroll in courses via the College of Continuing Education
TBA: Certificate Program through the College of Continuing Education