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J-Club Officers, 18-19

Japan Club was established in 2004 and is considered to be one of Sacramento State's most ethnically diverse clubs with members of various academic fields: Hispanic, Caucasian, African-American, Asian-American, and international students whose majors include Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Criminal Justice, Communication, Kinesiology, Graphic Design, Philosophy, History, Art, English, Asian Studies, and more.

The missions of Japan club are to increase culture awareness and understanding and foster personal growth and to outreach campus and beyond campus community by building a strong community of students from various majors and backgrounds who have interest of Japanese culture.

The specific goals of Japan Club are:

  • JC provides a venue outside of the classroom for Japanese language students to learn more about Japanese language and culture
  • JC provides Japanese exchange students a comfortable place to practice their English language skills, learn about American culture, and share their cultural heritage
  • JC hosts free cultural events that showcase Japanese culture and are open to the campus and the Sacramento area
  • JC officers and active members demonstrate their leadership and collaborative skills in organizing and conducting meetings and events
  • JC officers and active members promotes life-long friendship.

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The Japan Club initiates and carries out a number of educational and cultural events to contribute campus community as well as local and international communities. The Japan Club received a number of awards in the past. Read more

AY2018-2019 Calendar

This calendar contains both the Japan Club events and the Japanese Language Program events.

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2018-2019  Japan Club Officers 

President: Vicky Tran
Vice President: Kris Hidalgo
Treasurer: David Matthews
Sergeant at arms (J-officer advisor): Zack McCormick


2017-2018: President Zack McCormick (Fall 2017) and Matthew Abraham (Spring 2018)
Vice President Matthew Abraham (Fall 2017) & Lindsey Kieffer and Cerise Jackson (Spring 2018)

2016-2017: President Zack McCormick & Vice President Matt Dancer (Fall 2016) and Matthew Abraham (Spring 2017), Advisers: Jacob and Kelsey

2015-2016: President Jacob Wagnon & Vice President Kelsey Cooknick

2014-2015: President Jeremy Durant & Vice President Emynee Danielle

2013-2014: President Lilian Diep, Vice President Alex Williams, & Adviser Josh Navarra

2012-2013: President Josh Navarra & Vice President Alex Williams

2012 SPRING: President Chris Bouget & Vice President Josh Navarra

2011 FALL: President Mariah & Vice President Brandon

2011 SPRING: President Stephanie Pan & Vice President Brandon

2010 FALL: President Chris Ellis & Vice President Stephanie Pan

2009 - 2010: President Cesar Chavez & Vice President Mark Lopez

2008 - 2009: President Sachiko Kobayashi & Vice President Alan Kwan

2007 - 2008: President Christofer Lamb & Sachiko Kobayashi

2006 - 2007: President Brian Berry & Vice President Takahiro Takahashi

2005 - 2006: President Makito Shirasaka & Vice President Akina Tagi

2004 - 2005: President Isaiah Johnson & Vice President Teruyuki Kojima

Japan Club Awards

  • Japan Club received 2009 Outstanding Club and Organization Award
  • Japan Culture Night received 2010 Outstanding Program Award (2nd place)
  • Kazue Masuyama received 2010 Outstanding Advisor Award Runner-Up

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