JAPN 1B, JAPN 2B, JAPN 110, JAPN 116B, JAPN 120 & JAPN 199 - Subject to Change

JAPN 1B Elementary Japanese (5 units)

Section 1:  MW 9-9:50AM, Room - CLV 141; TR 9-10:15AM, Room - MND 1024: Course Syllabus
Section 2:  MW 11-11:50AM, Room - EUR 103; TR 10:30-11:45AM, Room - LSN 2300: Course Syllabus
Section 3:  TR 1:30-2:45PM, Room - SHS 145; MW 2-2:50PM, Room - SHS254: Course Syllabus

JAPN 2B Intermediate Japanese

Section 1:  MTWRF 8-8:50AM, Room MRP 1002

JAPN 116B: Language and Culture of the Japanese

Section 1:  MW 12-1:15PM, Room - CLV 134

Instructor:  Maryam Golestan

  • JAPN 116B - Course Syllabus 
  • Pre-requisite: JAPN116A or equivalent
  • This is an quivalent to the 3rd & 4th year Japanese language (combined course)
  • Note: Taking JAPN116B and JAPN110 concurrently is manageable but intensive. It requires substantial time and effort. Consult with your instructor(s).

JAPN 110 - Introduction to Japanese Literature

Section 1:  TR 3-4:15PM, Room 1002

  • JAPN 110 Course Syllabus 
  • Pre-requisite: JAPN2B or equivalent
  • This is an quivalent to the 3rd & 4th year Japanese language (combined course)
  • This class focuses on reading literatures in Japanese and demonstrating your understanding orally and in writing.
  • Note: Taking JAPN116B and JAPN110 concurrently is manageable but intensive. It requires substantial time and effort. Consult with your instructor(s).

JAPN 120 - Japanese Civilization

Section 1: M 3-5PM, Room - EUR 103

  • JAPN 120 Course Syllabus - TBA
  • Explore traditional and contemporary Japan through a variety of topics including geographical setting, historical development, language, literature, aesthetics, customs and manner, communication, pop-culture, economic development, politics and globalization. Taught in English.
  • 3 Units

JAPN 194 - Field Experience/Internship

JAPN 199- Special Problems

  • Independent Studies
  • Every semester

JAPN 001C Accelerated Elementary Japanese - Not offered for Spring 2019, but hope to offer it during Summer 2019 (waiting for the approval)

Fall 2018

JAPN 1A (3 sections), JAPN 2A (1 section), JAPN 116A (3rd year Japanese), JAPN 150, JAPN 194, and JAPN 199 will be offered in Fall 2018.* For students with prior language training (high school, community college, another university), a placement test is required. Please ask an instructor. 

Lower Division Courses

JAPN 1A Elementary Japanese   

Hiragana (part of the Japanese writing system) instruction will begin on Day 1. It is highly recommended that you start learning Hiragana before the first day of class. 

For those who have taken Japanese in high school, community college, or a different university, you must take a placement test. It is used as an advising tool.

JAPN 2A Intermediate Japanese

  • TEXTBOOK: Genki Textbook & Workbook (2nd Edition)
  • Genki Grammar and Kanji List  Volume 1
  • SCHEDULE: Posted at SacCT or request to your instructor via email

JAPN 2A is considered the most important course for Japanese language learners. You have invested a lot of time learning first-year Japanese. You have a solid foundation. In JAPN 2A you reinforce what you learned in JAPN 1A, solidifying skills and gaining fluency. Everything you have studied so far starts to come together. You may make mistakes and feel embarrassed, but this is a natural part of the learning process. Eventually you will gain tremendously. JAPN 2A offers a safe environment to embark on your journey towards intermediate Japanese.

Students who have taken Japanese for more than 3 years in high school and/or earned an AP score of 4, or those who have completed first-year Japanese at a community college and/or a different university (or the equivalent) may take this course. Students who have not taken first-year Japanese at Sac State must take a placement test. Instructors will use it as an advising tool.

Upper Division Course

Students minoring in Japanese should begin with JAPN116A. It is highly recommend that you take JAPN 116A (Fall 2018) and JAPN 116B (Spring 2019). This sequence provides a solid foundation towards advanced Japanese.

JAPN 116A Language and Culture of the Japanese

JAPN 116A is the equivalent of 3rd year Japanese and requires the completion of JAPN 2B or the equivalent. Required for the Japanese minor.

JAPN 116A teaches language through content, which means that language skills are attained through the study Japanese culture and society. For example, you will learn new vocabulary and grammar while studying about Japanese geography, religion, education, popular culture, etc. You will also be exposed to more kanji and katakana by reading authentic and semi-authentic materials. Note that the learning method in Tobira is a step up from the grammar- and practice–based structure of the Genki textbooks.  However, do not let the Tobira textbook intimidate you. Continue to review the grammar in Genki while learning new material. Instructors will do their best to offer you a high-quality learning opportunity!

Review what you have learned in JAPN 2A and 2B before starting JAPN 116B. Because this course focuses on Content Learning through authentic and semi-authentic materials, it is critical to have strong reading skills.

JAPN150 Advanced Grammar and Conversation

  • Course Syllabus Fall - Fall 2018 - Not Available
  • 3 units
  • Textbook: Teacher-made materials. Uploaded to SacCT.

JAPN 150, which alternates with JAPN 110, is normally offered in the spring semester. However, this year JAPN 150 is offered in FALL 2016 and JAPN 110 in SPRING 2017. JAPN 150 focuses on special topics (advanced self-introductions, earthquakes and the environment, and cultural topics such as Japanese games, songs, dramas, etc.) while reinforcing the foundation necessary for passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT, scheduled for 12/4/2016). For more information on the JLPT, CLICK HERE. JAPN150 will also cover effective ways to make speeches in Japanese, and students will have the opportunity to participate in a speech contest in San Francisco in November 2016. In general, JAPN 150 focuses primarily on language application since the majority of students have completed JAPN 116A and JAPN 116B. It is NOT recommended that JAPN 116A and JAPN 150 be taken concurrently (unless you are an advanced Japanese language learner). Please discuss this option with your instructor.

JAPN 194 - Field Experience/Internship

JAPN 199- Special Problems

  • Independent Studies
  • Every semester - Contact Prof. Masuyama (sabbatical leave in AY2017-2018). For questions, please contact Prof. Kristina Vassil
For those who minor in Japanese, the best pathway to complete your minor is as follows:

Make sure to complete JAPN 1A, JAPN 1B, JAPN 2A, JAPN 2B, or equivalent prior to taking the following courses.

Year 1 JAPN 116A JAPN 116B
Year 2 JAPN 110 or 150 (whichever offered) JAPN 110 or 150 (whichever offered)

For more information refer to the Japanese Minor page. Students interested in completing the Japanese Minor at an accelerated pace may take two upper-division courses concurrently (JAPN 116A and JAPN 150 in Fall 2016 and JAPN 116B and JAPN 110 in Spring 2017), though it is not recommended. Please consult with a Minor advisor. Students can also complete the Japanese Minor by participating in a study abroad program. Consult with a Minor advisor.

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