The Department of World Languages and Literatures at Sacramento State offers minors in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and also offers language classes in Arabic, Korean, and Punjabi.

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We offer a minor in Chinese, with courses in Mandarin Chinese, Classical Chinese, Chinese civilization, and pre-modern Chinese literature. When you complete your Chinese studies at Sacramento State, you will have a strong foundation in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters, an understanding of Classical Chinese from as long as 3,000 years ago, and an appreciation of the beautiful and ever-changing Chinese culture. Study abroad at one of our exchange partners in Taiwan or mainland China.

Units required for Minor: 12 upper division units.

Minor in Chinese - Program Requirements
Chinese Courses 
Minor Advisor: Dr. Curtis Smith - curtis.smith@csus.edu 


Students majoring in business often find a French minor to be an asset to their careers. Students majoring in other fields may minor in French if a large part of their professional literature is in French or because they may work in a location where French is widely spoken; for others a French minor may meet graduate-degree requirements.

Minor in French - Program Requirements
French Courses
Minor Advisor: Dr. Kevin Elstob - kelstob@csus.edu 


Courses in German encompass the study of German language, literature, and culture. Language study begins with the imparting of the four basic language skills, namely, speaking, aural comprehension, reading, and writing. The teaching of these skills is provided as part of programs in liberal arts, in general education and in professional training, as well as a service for other degree programs.

Units required for Minor: 12 upper division units.

Minor in German - Program Requirements
German Courses
Minor Advisor: Dr. Marjorie Wade - mdwade@csus.edu 


The Italian program offers its students a strong foundation in Italian language, literature, cinema, and civilization. Students who concentrate on Italian studies may teach in secondary schools, be admitted to graduate school, work in translating and interpreting firms, or work at the national or international level for Italian firms or American firms dealing with Italy. Statistics show that Sacramento State graduates are in graduate programs, are teaching Italian, or are working in international programs, using their preparation from the Sacramento State Italian program.

Units required for Minor: 12 upper division units.

Minor in Italian - Program Requirements
Italian Courses
Minor Advisor: Dr. Barbara Carle - carleb@csus.edu 


A working knowledge of Japanese is increasingly becoming an important tool in the world of international business and foreign affairs; hence Sacramento State offers a minor program in the Japanese language. Coursework in Japanese may be applied toward other specially designed minors and majors such as Asian Studies, Anthropology, Humanities and Religious Studies, International Business, and International Affairs.

Units required for Minor: 12 upper division units

Minor in Japanese - Program Requirements
Japanese Courses
Minor Advisor: Dr. Kazue Masuyama - masuyama@csus.edu 


A working knowledge of Spanish will enable students to communicate with one of America's rapidly growing minority groups, as well as to benefit extensively from travel to foreign countries. Most coursework lends itself to a practical acquisition of the necessary language skills for effective communication.

Coursework at the upper division and graduate level is equally distributed among four areas: linguistics, culture, Peninsular literature, and Hispanic American literature. Students with career plans in teaching, bilingual programs, translation and diplomatic services, as well as careers in public service requiring knowledge of Spanish, will find a balanced curriculum available at Sacramento State. The programs in Spanish also serve those students who plan on continuing their studies at the doctorate level by providing a thorough academic background in the language.

Units required for Minor: 12 upper division units

Minor in Spanish - Program Requirements
Spanish Minor Roadmap - option 1 
Spanish Minor Roadmap - option 2 
Spanish Courses


Minor Advisors: 

Starting Fall 2018, all Spanish minors should meet with an advisor alphabetically, based on their last name, as follows:

A-C: Dr. Edward Baranowski at ebaranow@csus.edu 

D-G: Dr. Miguel Bota at bota@csus.edu 

H-L: Dr. Jonathan Fleck at jonathan.fleck@csus.edu 

M-Q: Dr. Maria Mayberry at mayberry@csus.edu 

R-Z: Dr. Euisuk Kim at euisuk.kim@csus.edu