Certificate Program in Healthcare Spanish (HEALS)


The program requires completion of four required courses and a practicum for a total of 17 academic units. The lower-division courses will have a hybrid format, while the upper-division courses will be offered using a online format, which provides optimum flexibility for working adult students.

CSUS Students

To enroll in SPAN 2A, you need SPAN 1B or equivalent

TBA: General information about CSUS students

Other Students

Option to enroll in courses via the College of Continuing Education

TBA: Certificate Program through the College of Continuing Education

Lower Division

(8 units)



Intermediate Spanish:

Medical I and II

Upper Division

(6 units)

SPAN 121

SPAN 151* 

Spanish for the Professionals: Advanced Medical

Spanish Latin American Culture


(4 quarter units)


or SPAN 194

Costa Rica or


  • SPAN 2A *(section 10) offered in fall semester 
  • SPAN 2B*(section 10) offered in spring semester 
  • SPAN 121 offered in fall semester
  • SPAN 151*(section 10) offered in spring semester
  • SPAN 575D or SPAN 194 offered every summer 

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