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Orientation for Freshmen and Transfer Students

The Spanish area of the Department of World Languages and Literatures offers a minor in Spanish, the B.A. degree and the M.A. degree. For a B.A. degree in Spanish, in addition to the required General Education courses, a total of 42 units of course work in language, literature and culture must be taken. Go to the CSUS catalog for information on courses needed for both the minor and major in Spanish.


If you have had 1 year of high school Spanish, then plan to take 2nd semester SPAN 1B, Elementary Spanish. If 2 years, then take 2A, Intermediate Spanish. If 3 years, then take 2B, Intermediate Spanish. If 4 years, then take 42, Conversation in Spanish and 47, Intro to Composition & Grammar Review.

Note: CSUS Equivalents for High School Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish:

A score of 3 = SPAN 2A
A score of 4 = SPAN 2B
A score of 5 = SPAN 42 & 47

Freshmen and Transfer Students

Spanish 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B (or their equivalent) must be completed consecutively at the community college or university level before any advanced level (upper- division) courses may be taken. For example, if you have taken two semesters of elementary Spanish at a community college, then you should continue here at CSUS with the 3rd semester, SPAN 2A.

Once students have completed SPAN 2B, Intermediate Spanish (or the equivalent) most will then complete their required 6 units of electives for the major by taking SPAN 47 along with SPAN 42, though other electives such as 123, 130, and 134 can be taken once SPAN 100 (Intro to Hispanic Literature) is completed. Keep in mind that SPAN 47 is a prerequisite to SPAN 100.

List of lower-division equivalents from all California community colleges


It is important for all Spanish majors to meet with their advisor each semester . The following is a list of Spanish faculty and their areas of specialization:

Prof. Edward Baranowski Language and Linguistics
Prof. Mario Blanc Latin American Literature/Culture
Prof. Miquel Bota Spanish Peninsular Literature/Culture
Prof. Euisuk Kim Latin American Literature/Culture
Prof. María Mayberry Language and Linguistics
Prof. Mariela Santana Spanish Peninsular Literature

Effective Fall 2017, advisors are assigned according to the first letter of students' last names:

A-C     Dr. Baranowski

D-G     Dr. Blanc

H-K     Dr. Bota

L-N     Dr. Kim

O-R     Dr. Mayberry

S-Z     Dr. Santana

Please contact your advisor by e-mail regarding any questions about the Spanish major or minor.

Study Abroad Links:

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Spanish BA & Minor roadmaps:

Spanish BA roadmap without remediation

Spanish BA roadmap with remediation

Spanish BA roadmap TRANSFER students

Spanish minor roadmap (option 1 with Span 2A & 2B)

Spanish minor roadmap (option 2 with Span 42 & 47)