Master of Arts in Spanish Program

Welcome to the Master of Arts in Spanish Program!

Our Master of Arts is a balanced program of studies that covers the four main areas of the discipline: Hispanic Culture and Civilization, Spanish Linguistics, Latin American Literature, and Spanish Peninsular Literature. Our graduates are well-prepared to either continue their studies leading to the PhD. or find careers in related fields, such as government service, teaching, translating, interpreting, or foreign and domestic business enterprises. For specific information about the Master of Arts in Spanish, including program requirements and coursework, please go to the CSUS Catalog.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions:

Returning students

Please note the following deadlines from the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) for your Advancement to Candidacy form, which must be approved by the graduate coordinator and can be found on the OGS website:

October 1st (for Spring Semester exams)

February 1st (for Fall Semester exams)

Once approved, you must be enrolled in Spanish 500 (Culminating Experience) by departmental staff at the beginning of the semester in which you take your exams. (Please use the form available on the WLL website.) You must also submit the graduation application found on the OGS website.

Dr. Euisuk Kim
 Graduate Coordinator in Spanish

Master of Arts in Spanish Application Guidlines