Career Options

Women’s Studies emphasizes holistic thinking, critical analysis and problem solving skills, and our majors excel in many careers, including:

  • Higher Education: Women’s Studies Phd., Professor, Staff positions, such as Student Services Professional (these are positions such as advisior or counselor in the career center or academic advising) will require a B.A. or M.A. depending upon the job classification.
  • Paid Organizer: Labor Unions and organizations such as the Feminist Majority or the National Organization of Women.
  • Writer/ Researcher on women’s issues
  • Women’s Center Director: Community organizations such as non-profit agencies, YWCA and any program that has a social services, human services orientation.
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Medicine/Women’s Health
  • Education: K-12 teachers, headstart and early childhood education programs, curriculum specialist, State Department of Education
  • Consultant on Women’s Issues: Political campaigns and legislative aides.
  • International Development: Non-governmental organizations
  • Career Development: Career Development consultant and trainer, job developer.