Student Testimonials

Why did you enroll in English 1X?

“To improve my writing and to acquire feedback on my papers”

“I had trouble in my English 10 class last semester so I needed tutoring for my English 11 class this semester.

“I enrolled because I know I needed the extra help in my writing. I did not know what to expect in my English class, so I decided to get all the help I could get.”

Program Statistics

93% of 1X students surveyed found the peer workshops to be effective in helping them critique and revise their own work.

94% of students surveyed said that their peers gave useful feedback on their writing.

47% of 1X students found that their writing improved a great amount and 98% of students surveyed felt the peer feedback helped their writing to improve.


Course Descriptions

English 1X (1 unit) offers supplemental instruction in elements of composition and assists

students in mastering the writing process with special emphasis on planning and revising essays. Instruction takes place both in traditional classroom setting and in small group and individual tutorials. Students enrolled in this tutorial must also be co-enrolled in a composition course as the focus will be drafting and revising the work done for the primary writing course.

English 109X is a pass/fail, one-unit, small group tutorial designed to provide students who are taking upper-division writing-intensive courses with a space to give and receive feedback to improve their writing. The 109X groups meet once a week with a tutor; they also spend about an hour a week online, reading and posting via SacCT. In each class session, students discuss projects they are working on and receive feedback that they can use to further develop their drafts. In addition,

students will post informal reflective writings, drafts of formal writing assignments, and workshop responses on SacCT. Primary emphasis is placed on developing discipline-specific rhetorical skills; students are also offered support in learning appropriate documentation and self-editing skills. This course is designed to allow students to be a part of an engaging, small-group learning experience.

X Tutorial Philosophy

Your tutor is a guide and facilitator who will help plan activities that support collaboration, critical feedback, awareness of writing processes, and self-reflection. Because writing workshops rely on peer-to-peer collaboration, your success is intertwined with the success of others in your group. This tutorial course creates a community of writers. In order to become a successful, engaged and highly functioning community of writers, participants need to be willing to share their writing with the group, be prepared to listen carefully to others, establish common values for good writing so that members are ready to respond with feedback when asked to do so, and make decisions to enhance collaboration. These kinds of behaviors will foster a community that will benefit its members. Students, therefore, should conduct themselves in a way that is respectful to others and promotes a positive learning environment.