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Sacramento State Faculty

James Sobredo, Ph.D.

Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: James Sobredo, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

Office Location: Amador Hall

Email: sobredo"at"

Office Phone: (916) 278-7566

Mailing Address: Ethnic Studies Department__6000 J Street__California State University__Sacramento, CA 95819-6043

Office Hours: See Current Semester Syllabus for Office Hours

Spring 2017 Classes
ETHN 114: Asian Americans & Globalization (Sec. 1: 34171), 10:30 - 11:45, BRH 110
ETHN 110: Asian American Experience (Sec. 1: 34170), 12-13:15,  ARC 1016
ETHN 119: Filipino American Experience ((Sec. 1: 34412), 13:30 - 14:45, EUR 106
*OFFICE HOURS: Thurs. 3-6 pm. Except 2nd Fridays when rescheduled to Fri. 10 am - 1 pm



Ph.D. Ethnic Studies, UC-Berkeley, 1998.
Dissertation: From American "Nationals" to the "Third Asiatic Invasion":
The Racial Transformation and Exclusion of Filipinos (1898-1935)
M.A. Philosophy, Bowling Green State University, 1988.
Thesis: Arete and Moral Education in Aristotle's Politics
B.A. Philosophy, University of Washington, 1986.

"Meditations on Rizal: California to Spain," in Remembering Rizal: Voices from the Diaspora (edited by Edwin A. Lozada), San Francisco: Philippine American Writers & Artists, Inc. 2011. 

"An Ethnic Studies Model of Community Mobilization: Collaborative Partnership with a High Risk Public High School" (with Gregory Kim-ju, Julia Figueroa, Gregory Yee Mark, James Fabionar), American Journal of Preventive Medicine (Special issue: Community Mobilization for the Prevention of Youth Violence) (March 2008, Vol. 34).

Giron Escrima: Memories of a Bladed Warrior (edited with Antonio E. Somera) (Los Angeles: Empire Books, 2006). This book narrates the experience of Sgt. Leovigildo (Leo) Miguel Giron (US Army), a decorated World War II commando who was dropped behind enemy lines via submarine and sent on a secret reconnaisance mission one year prior to the arrival of Gen. McArthur and a large-scale US landing force. Sgt. Giron's experience was featured in the PBS documentary, "An Untold Triumph: The Story of the 1st & 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiments, U.S. Army" (May 2005 national broadcast). The book also contains numerous photographs shot by Dr.Sobredo.

"Asian Global Migration and Transnationalism Revisited, 16th - 21st Century" (with Timothy Fong) in The Borders in All of Us: New Approaches to Three Global Diaspora Communities (edited by William Little), Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2005.

"Ethnic Studies Community Collaboration & Activism: Bridging Theory and Practice" (with Linda Revilla & Gregory Yee Mark) in Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Brian Baker, et al (eds.), Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 2004.

"Filipino American Vision and Telling the 'Untold Triumph'" in History, Heroes, and Untold Triumph: Filipino Americans and World War II, Linda Revilla, ed. (Honolulu, HI, a Viewer's Guide (2003) to the film "Untold Triumph," shown at the 2003 Honolulu International Film Festival). This project is funded by the Hawaii Council for the Humanities, a state-branch of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Studies in Pacific History: Economics, Politics and Migration (with Dennis O. Flynn & Arturo Giraldez, eds.), Brookfield, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2002.

"Stopping the 'Third Asiatic Invasion': the 1934 Tydings-McDuffie Act and Filipino Exclusion," in Studies in Pacific History, 2002.

"Filipino American Lives: A Multi-Colored Fabric" (Book's Introduction) and "Two Brothers" (article) in Seven Card Stud with Seven Manangs Wild: An Anthology of Filipino-American Writings (Helen Toribio, ed.), Berkeley: Ti'Boli, 2002--a project of the Filipino American National Historical Society, East Bay Chapter, with funding from the Berkeley Arts Commission.

European Entry into the Pacific: Spain and the Acapulco-Manila Galleons (with Dennis Flynn and Arturo Giraldez, eds.), Brookfield, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2001.

"The Politics of Fiction." Filipinas, October 1998.

"Filipinos in San Francisco." In Built on Shifting Sands: Histories on San Francisco, San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1998. 

"Filipinos in San Francisco" (5 CD-ROM segments on Filipino Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area [text and photographs]). In Shaping San Francisco: An Interactive Multimedia Excavation of the Lost History of San Francisco, Chris Carlsson, Project Director. San Francisco, 1998. Funded by the California Council for the Humanities.

Documentary Photography

Prof. Sobredo is also a social documentary photographer who uses Sony mirrorless (fullframe & APS-C) and Canon fullframe DSLRs. When on assignment, he shoots primarily with Sony mirrorless digital bodies. He never leaves home without a Sony mirrorless digital camera. His graphics, photographs and articles have appeared in The New York Times, AsianWeek and magazines such as Filipinas and Pacific. He has had solo photography exhibits in art galleries in San Francisco, Oakland and Stockon. His latest photography exhibit is MEXIPINOS IN STOCKTON (with Steven Montalvo), which is funded by a Stockton Arts grant. 


Immigration history, global migration of Asians, global migration of Filipinos, economic history and globalization, legal history (Supreme Court and Legislative history), oral history, social documentary photography, multimedia documentary


Asian American Studies Association
Asian Studies Association

Filipino American National Historical Society: Founding member Berkeley/East Bay Chapter
United Latino: Board member (2011-2012)
Friends of Rwanda

Important Announcements:

ETHN 114
*10:30 - 11:45, BRH 110

ETHN 110
*12-13:15,  ARC 1016

ETHN 119
*13:30 - 14:45, EUR 106
Office Hours: TBA

*ETHN 119 Students featured in Philippine Inquirer newspaper: Samantha Marti & Angelica Sarte were interviewed by Filipino newspaper while at the Asian Art Museum. 

*Tour of Stockton's Little Manila, Mexican Heritage Center and Filipino American National Museum
: Sat. 4 March: 11 am - 2 pm
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*Ethnic Studies Educational Event: Sat. 8 am - 3 pm, 4 March 2017
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Leadership in Action Summer Internship: application due 6 March 2017

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