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Q- Fx Guide


With This Function:

  1. Excel Horizontally Looks up the VALUE of Cell Q2
In this case "INTC" (see Figure 2 below),
  2. Excel Searches in the TABLE
Named Raw in the example (see Figure 3),
  3. Because the argument says False, 
stops when it EXACTLY finds the VALUE ("INTC"),
  4. Excel Then, identifies the Cell that VALUE is found
("INTC")  and labels it Row "1"
(NOTE: that the row might be actually #2, #15,
or any other row but, the function disregards
all rows above of the cell containing the VALUE looked for),
  5. Starting with the Row containing the VALUE ("INTC")
AKA Row #1, and moving downward,
displays the data that is found in the 7th row.
  6. Excel displays the results in Cell Q8.
Final answer displayed:


you change Q2, to "F" (w/o quotes), then the data displayed changes to -18% (cell B8 in Raw)
   If you change the formula VALUE from Q2 to P2, Excel looks for JNJ in Table Raw & displays 1%