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PHIL 192J Contemporary Theories of Justice

Kafka, Before the Law

Catalogue Description
This course examines the concept of justice in its contemporary usage, in light of the historical roots of the concept; considers several principal theoretical models of justice and the just society, including libertarian, liberal, contractarian, communitarian, and feminist variations. Related concepts include, equality, freedom, democracy, oppression, discrimination, and conflict.

Pre-Requisite Warning!
This is an UPPER division seminar course designed with philosophy majors in mind and for those advanced students who have some familiarity with ethics and philosophy. As such, a pre-requisite of 6 units in philosophy or intructor permission must be met to register for this course.

For students who have taken neither an ethics nor philosophy class before, I would recommend postponing taking this course until you have attained some familiarity with both. The Philosophy Department has several such courses on offer each semester.



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Readings for Sept 3rd
Sterba, "Recent Work on Alternative Conceptions of Justice,"
Heller, "The Complexity of Justice."

All required readings and essay assignments are found at our Blackboard course page.

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Updated: 2 September, 2013