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Course Description

This academic learning collaborative focuses on what is meant by “a good life” from multiple perspectives including historical and contemporary texts and ideas.  Students will engage in projects that include an examination of leisure and its various contexts; consideration of ethical and moral reasoning; and the ways that the “good life” is reflected at Sacramento State and in public and private settings including organized and community centered leisure, the arts, organized sporting and recreational sites and organizations.  Students will design, analyze and reflect on a plan for their own good life as an educated person.

This course satisfies 9 units of lower division General Education, including areas: A3 (Critical Thinking), C3 (Intro to Humanities) and D2 (Social Problems).

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All guides for case studies and journals, all cases, and all exam guides can be found at our SacCT 9.1 course page.


Updated: 25 January, 2013