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PHIL 102 Professional and Public Service Ethics
On-Line Summer Semester

Catalogue Description
This course prepares students planning careers in professional practice or public service to identify, understand, and resolve ethical problems. Includes examinations of (i) ethical theory, rights and duties, virtue ethics, utilitarian ethics, social contract theory, and role morality; (ii) the philosophical underpinnings of professional codes of conduct, regulations, and norms of professional and public service practices; (iii) moral reasoning and argumentation; (iv) the relation between ethical judgement and action; (v) the relation between professional practice, public service, and democratic principles.

This is an ethics course designed for those who are planning a career in public service or in one of the several self-regulating professions (engineering, medicine, law, accounting, etc). For students who have taken neither an ethics class nor philosophy class before, the early sections of the course will offer a quick review to establish familiarity with both.




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This course is offered completely online. All course materials are available only via the SacCT9.1 course page.


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Updated: 29 May, 2014