Part-time Faculty
Tel. (916)-278-6811

  B.S. Geology, Sonoma State University, California, 1988
  M.S. Geology, University of California, Davis, 1991
h.D. Geology, University of California, Davis, 1997

Teaching and Research Interests

I am interested in brachiopods and the process of biomineralization. My research took me to New Zealand where fossil brachiopods are abundant and well preserved. Their shells were ideal for isotopic analysis and reconstruction of ancient climates. During a post-doc at UCD, I examined brachiopod shells with TEM. In the past, I have been a paleontological consultant with Jones and Stokes in Sacramento.

Recently, I have been developing a TV / video-streaming course for Earth Science, Geology 8. The course has been successful and I enjoy teaching using this method. I feel that I have more options available in a studio setting that I just don't have in a large lecture hall. However, I realize that this style of learning is not for all students.

Courses I Teach

Historical Geology Lecture (GEOL 12) and Lab (GEOL 12L)
Paleontology> (GEOL 105)
Earth Science Lecture (GEOL 8) and Lab (GEOL 8L & 8T)
Oceanography (GEOL 130)
Age of Dinosaurs (GEOL 77)

Geo Clips (now in High Speed video)

This is a new and exciting feature I am working on. I am shooting short videoes (approximately 6 minutes each) describing basic geologic concepts. You can get a quick review or explanation of some basic geologic terms or ideas. This may be especially helpful, if you are taking a class from me.


Simply, click on the link above and you will find a listing of videos with a short description of each. Click on the video you would like to view. At this point, the video format is Real Player. I may switch to Quicktime in the future.


Let me know what you think. I hope to add more videos as the year progresses, so check back.




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Nancy Buening