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Bio 1: Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology
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Updated: May 17, 2014

Lecture: T,Th 1:30-2:45 SQU 338
Lab: yes
Activity: yes
Prerequisite: none
Scheduling: Every semester, including summer. Next offered by me Fall 2014. (Dr. Shannon Datwyler is teaching it in the second summer session 2014)
Units: 5
Website: http://www.csus.edu/indiv/c/colemanr/courses/bio1/bio1.html

Syllabus: WordPerfect document PDF Word html (not updated for Fall 2014 yet)

Catalog description:

BIO 1. Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology. Introduction to properties of life and cells leading to genetic and biological diversity. Survey of biological diversity emphasizing variation leading to natural selection; introduction to ecological concepts within an evolutionary framework; a survey of ecosystems and global climate change. Development of scientific skills will be emphasized. Designed for science majors. Lecture three hours; laboratory three hours; activity two hours; fee course. Note: Field trips may be required. Graded: Graded Student. Units: 5.0

Text: Mason, K.A., J.B. Losos, and S.R. Singer (2014) Biology. Tenth Edition. McGraw-Hill, New York. ISBN 978-0-07-338307-1. [This book is often referred to as "Raven Biology" because the initial first author was Peter H. Raven] Required for Fall 2014

Raven 10th Edition

Term Paper Handout: Bio 1 Scientific Term Paper handout (.pdf) (not updated for Fall 2014)

Sample term paper (.doc) (a portion of a sample term paper; the last part of the paper has been omitted, but you should be able to get the idea from this)

The Portfolio (or efolio) concept

More Resources

National Center for Science Education (NCSE)

Kitzmiller versus Dover case

Tree of Life

The Plant List www.theplantlist.org

Fishbase www.fishbase.org

Reptile database www.reptile-database.org

AmphibiaWeb.org www.amphibiaweb.org


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