Ronald M. Coleman
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Updated: February 15, 2015

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)

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Latest News

STEM talk by Ron Coleman, Tues Feb 21, 2012 Here is a streaming video of this talk (scroll down to "Feb 21, 2012 Underwater Treasures....")

Made at Sac State: NSM. My segment is in the NSM Research and Outreach portion.

Video of mouthbrooding posted on BBC Earth (October 2014)

I was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 2014.

My other website:

Cichlid Research Home Page <>

A web site dedicated to collaboration between scientists and hobbyists interested in cichlid fishes (family Cichlidae), featuring extensive information about cichlids, plus the online science experiment known as the Cichlid Egg Project.

Committees and Campus Groups I am associated with:

AITC Academic Information Technology Committee, Chair and NSM representative; Computer system status:
Administrative Computing Advisory Council, Faculty representative
Biological Sciences Laptop Cart faculty advisor
Biological Sciences Executive Committee (2013-2015)

Canada Exchange Committee (for CSUS Study Abroad program)
C.O.A.S.T. (CSU Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology)
CREST (Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology) Advisory Council
CSUS Student Research Competition (Faculty advisor)

Dinner with a Scientist
Ecology Colloquium Series Spring 2015
EEC Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Group
Expanding Your Horizons 2014
Field Biology Group (Faculty advisor)
IT Steering Commitee, Faculty representative

McNair Scholars Program (Scholar mentor)
Moss Landing Marine Laboratory (Alternate CSUS representative to MLML)
Museum of Ectothermic Vertebrates (Curator)
NSM Academic Council (IT representative through spring 2015, Executive Council 2014-2015)
Department of Biological Sciences IT (Instructional Technology) committee
OTS REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Summer 2010, Costa Rica
Provosts' Student Research Showcase (organizing committee member)
River City Science Project
Tree Campus USA Advisory Committee
WRPI (CSU Water Resources, Policy and Initiatives)

"The buck stops here". Feel free to contact me with issues related to the above groups and committees.

Local Fishes

Links of Interest

HIGH SCHOOL/MIDDLE SCHOOL Students: Are you interested in coming to Sac State for a college degree and are you interested in fish? Click here for the "I want to study fish at Sac State " webpage.

VISITORS: I strongly believe in the idea of public education and public universities. The Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes lab is your lab too and we welcome visitors to see what we are doing. If you want to visit, please send me an email and I will do my best to arrange a time for you to visit.
-- Ron (

DONATIONS/SUPPORT: Yes, we do accept donations of money, equipment or supplies to help us do what we do. Various manufacturers, organizations and individuals have generously supported the work of myself and my students over the years. Thank you.


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