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Updated: August 16, 2017


I currently have 26 publications in referreed journals along with over 75 articles in the popular press, mostly on cichlid fishes. I also edited a volume on cichlid fishes.

Refereed Publications

Non-refereed Publications (e.g., magazine articles)

Refereed Publications:


Brumbaugh, S. and R.M. Coleman (2017) Evaluation of Bayesian Networks for Predicting Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynhus tshawtyscha) spawning Habitat Quality in Data-Poor Watersheds. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 37:176-188

Costa Rican Ecosystems McClearn D., Castro E., Coleman R., Espeleta J., Garcia-Robledo C., Gilman A., Gonzalez J., Joyce A.T., Kuprewicz E., Longino J., Michel N., Rodriguez C.M., Romero A., Soto C., Vargas A., Wendt A., Whitfield S., Timm R.M. (2016) The Caribbean Lowland Evergreen Moist and Wet Forests. Chapter 16 in Costa Rican Ecosystems (Ed., Kappelle M.) University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois.
pdf Lasko, G.R., Titus, R.G., Ferreira, J.R. and R.M. Coleman (2014) Straying of late-fall run Chinook salmon from the Coleman National Fish Hatchery into the lower American River, California. California Fish and Game 100:665-682.
pdf Bajjaliya, F.S., Titus, R.G., Ferreira, J.R. and R.M. Coleman (2014) Morphometric variation among four distinct population segments of California steelhead trout. California Fish and Game 100:703-726.
pdf Grasso, R., Coleman, R.M, and C. Davidson. (2010). Palatability and antipredator response of Yosemite toads (Anaxyrus canorus) to nonnative brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Copeia 2010:457-462
pdf Barley, A.J., Coleman, R.M. (2010). Habitat structure directly affects aggression in convict cichlids Archocentrus nigrofasciatus. Current Zoology 56:52-56.
pdf Stewart, M.M., Coleman, R.M. and W.L. Montgomery (2004). George W. Barlow. Copeia 2004:945-951. [Invited Historical Perspective]
pdf Galvani A.P., Coleman, R.M. and N.M. Ferguson (2003) The maintenance of sex in parasites. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences 270:19-28.
  Coleman, R.M. [Editor] (2001). Cichlid Research: State of the Art. Journal of Aquariculture & Aquatic Sciences, Volume 9. 392 pages.
  Coleman, R.M., V. Kutty (2001) The predator of guppies on Trinidad is the pike cichlid Crenicichla frenata, not Crenicichla alta: a caution about working with cichlids. Journal of Aquariculture & Aquatic Sciences, 9:89-92.
pdf Galvani, A.P., R.M. Coleman and N.M. Ferguson (2001) Antigenic diversity and the selective value of sex in parasites. Annales Zoologici Fennici 38:305-314.
  Coleman R.M. (1999) Parental Care in Intertidal Fishes. Pp. 165-180 in Intertidal Fishes: Life in Two Worlds (Eds. Horn, M.H., Martin, K.L.M. and M.A. Chotkowski), Academic Press, New York.
pdf Galvani A.P. and R.M. Coleman (1998) Do parental convict cichlids of different sizes value the same brood size equally? Animal Behaviour 56:541-546.
  Borslien D. et al. (1998) The influence of brood number on parental investment in the convict cichlid fish, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus. Berkeley Scientific 2:63-66.
pdf Coleman R.M. and A.P. Galvani (1998). Egg size determines offspring size in Neotropical cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Cichlidae). Copeia 1998:209-213.
  Coleman R.M. (1997) Geographic Distribution. Diploglossus monotropis. Herpetological Review 28:210.
  Coleman R.M. (1994). Using SigmaScan for measuring fish eggs. Journal of NIH Research 6:76.
pdf Coleman R.M. (1992). Reproductive biology and female parental care in the cockscomb prickleback Anoplarchus purpurescens (Pisces: Stichaeidae). Environmental Biology of Fishes 35:177-186.
pdf Coleman R.M. and M.R. Gross (1992). Reply to Jokela and Vuorisalo. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 7:169.
pdf correction Coleman R.M. and M.R. Gross (1991). Parental investment theory: The role of past investment. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 6:404-406.
pdf Coleman R.M. (1991). Measuring parental investment in nonspherical eggs. Copeia 1991:1092-1098.
  Coleman R.M. and R.U. Fischer (1991). Brood size, male fanning effort and the energetics of a nonshareable parental investment in bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus (Teleostei: Centrarchidae). Ethology 87:177-188.
pdf Coleman R.M. and R.D. Whittall (1990). Variation in egg weight in the Bengalese finch (Lonchura striata var domestica). Canadian Journal of Zoology 68:272-275.
pdf Coleman R.M. and R.D. Whittall (1988). Clutch size and the cost of incubation in the Bengalese finch (Lonchura striata var domestica). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 23:367-372.


Gross M.R., Coleman R.M. and R.D. McDowall (1988). Aquatic productivity and the evolution of diadromous fish migration. Science 239:1291-1293.
pdf Coleman R.M. (1987). Does experience with predators affect parental investment? Auk 104:791-792.
pdf Coleman R.M., Gross M.R. and R.C. Sargent (1985). Parental investment decision rules: a test in bluegill sunfish. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 18:59-66.


Non-refereed Publications:

I currently write a column six times a year in the Cichlidae Communique, the journal of the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association. I previously wrote a column (2011-2016) in Cichlid Blues magazine called "Reflections". A number of years ago, I wrote a column called "Cichlids and Science" for Cichlid News magazine that appeared four times a year. These articles synthesized recent scientific publications about cichlids, focussing on behaviour, ecology and evolution. Many of these are available online at the Cichlid Room Companion. Look for links below. Some of these have been updated and published in Polish in Akwaforum magazine.

Coleman R (2017) The Science of Cichlids: Who Moved the Cichlids? Cichlidae Communique 220: 1-9

Coleman R (2017) The Science of Cichlids: Conservation is Getting Trickier. Cichlidae Communique 219: 1-9

Coleman R (2017) The Science of Cichlids: Sneaky Little Males. Cichlidae Communique 218: 1-9

Coleman R (2017) The Science of Cichlids: The New Toolbox. Cichlidae Communique 217: 1-9

Coleman R (2016) Reflections: Digging Into the Roots. Cichlid Blues 209: 14-19

Coleman R (2016) Reflections: What's in a Name. Cichlid Blues 205: 14-21

Coleman R (2016) Reflections: The Saga of Lake Victoria Cichlids. Cichlid Blues 204: 15-20

Coleman R (2016) Reflections: The Adventure Continues. Cichlid Blues 203: 12-17

Coleman R (2015) Reflections: How Species Form. Cichlid Blues 202: 11-16

Coleman R (2015) Reflections: Fall. Cichlid Blues 201: 11-15

Coleman R (2015) Reflections: Species? Cichlid Blues 200: 11-15.

Coleman R (2015) Reflections: Nicaragua Route Canal. Cichlid Blues 199: 10-15.

Coleman R. (2015) Reflections: Oh Dam! Cichlid Blues 198: 5-8.

Coleman R. (2015) Reflections: A Tribute to Bill Bussing. Cichlid Blues 197: 6-10

Coleman R. (2014) Reflections: The Joy of Cichlids. Cichlid Blues 196: 6-10.

Coleman R. (2014) Reflections: The Biogeography of Cichlids. Cichlid Bues 195: 6-10.

Coleman, R. (2014) Reflections: The Ever-Changing Stage. Cichlid Blues 194: 6-9.

Coleman R. (2014) Reflections: Temperature -- How Low Can You Go. Cichlid Blues 193: 6-10

Coleman R. (2014) Reflections: Research in the Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Lab. Cichlid Blues 192: 8-12.

Coleman R. (2014) Reflections: A Day in the Field of Costa Rica. Cichlid Blues 191: 6-11.

Coleman R. (2013) Reflections: Filter Madness. Cichlid Blues 190: 7-12.

Coleman R. (2013) Reflections: Beginner Cichlids. Cichlid Bues 189: 6-9.

Coleman, R. (2013) Reflections: Cichlids and Sunfish. Cichlid Blues 188: 6-9.

Coleman R. (2013) Reflections: Conservation, What Not To Do. Cichlid Blues 187: 6-9

Coleman R. (2013) Reflections: Alien Invaders. Cichlid Blues 186: 6-9.

Coleman R. (2013) Reflections: Three Interesting Fish Books. Cichlid Blues 185: 6-9.

Coleman R. (2012) Reflections: More On Aggression. Cichlid Blues 184: 6-8.

Coleman R. (2012) Reflections: On Aggression. Cichlid Blues 183: 6-8.

Coleman R. (2012) Reflections: Your fish may be telling you something. Cichlid Blues 182: 6-9.

Coleman R. (2012) Reflections: Fish Photography: Are we there yet? Cichlid Blues 181: 6-10.

Coleman R. (2012) Reflections: Things we do not know. Cichlid Blues 180: 7-10.

Coleman R. (2012) Reflections: So You Want to Build a Fish Room? Cichlid Blues 179: 6-8.

Coleman R. (2011) Reflections: Whither the Dither? Cichlid Blues 178: 7-9.

Coleman R. (2011) Reflections: Lessons Learned at the Salton Sea. Cichlid Blues 177: 4-6.

Coleman R. (2011) Reflections: Keeping Track. Cichlid Blues 176: 6-8.

Coleman R. (2011) Reflections: Save the California Cichlids! Cichlid Blues. 175:6-8.

Coleman R. (2011) Reflections: Both Sides of the Road. Cichlid Blues. 174:6-8.

Coleman R. (2011) Reflections: Changes. Cichlid Blues. 173:6-8.

For three years, I was Editor of Cichlid News magazine and wrote a brief editorial at the beginning of each issue.

Coleman R.M. and S.A. Hilber (2008) Worlds in Collision: Fishes of the Costa Rica-Panama Border. Tropical Fish Hobbyist 56:76-81.

Hilber S.A. and R.M. Coleman (2007) Mating Systems and Parental Care in Cichlids. Tropical Fish Hobbyist 55:104-108.

Hilber, S.A. and R.M. Coleman (2006) Cichlid Research and Adventures in Costa Rica. Tropical Fish Hobbyist 54:108-112.

Coleman R. (2002) Determinacja plci [] In Polish. Akwaforum 4:60-61.

Coleman R. (2002) Zadziwiajacy aparat gebowy. In Polish. Akwaforum 3:49-50.

Coleman R. (2002) Cichlids and Science: Powerful Predators. Cichlid News 11(1): 31-34.

Coleman R. (2002) Wlasciwie czyje sa te dzieci? [Whose kids are those?] In Polish. Akwaforum 2:62-64.

Coleman R. (2001) Cichlids and Science: The Riddle of Lake Victoria. Cichlid News 10(4):32-34.

Coleman R.M. (2001) Ile lat ma jezioro Wiktorii [How old is Lake Victoria?] In Polish. Akwaforum 1:54-55.

Coleman R. (2001) Cichlids and Science: Bad Cichlids? Cichlid News 10(2):26-27.

Coleman R. (2001) Cichlids and Science: Feeding Frenzy. Cichlid News 10(1):32-34.

Coleman R. (2000) Cichlids and Science: Food for Thought. Cichlid News 9(3):32-34.

Coleman R. (2000) Costa Rican cichlids: Life in the Fast Lane. Buntbarsche Bulletin 198:7-26.

Coleman R. (2000) Cichlids and Science: Nest for Success. Cichlid News 9(2):32-34.

Coleman R. (2000) Cichlids and Science: Revealing Relationships. Cichlid News 9(1):32-34. Available online

Coleman R. (2000) Review of "Fishes of Costa Rica" by W.A. Bussing Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 23(1):206-207.

Coleman R. (1999) Cichlids and Science: Speculating about species. Cichlid News 8(4):32-34. Available online

Coleman R. (1999) Becoming a Cichlid Researcher: The Long and Winding Road... MACK Attack 7:3-4.

Coleman R. (1999) Cichlids and Science: Choosing a Mate. Cichlid News 8(3):32-34. Available online

Coleman R. (1999) Cichlids and Science: Fighting. Cichlid News 8(2):32-33. Available online

Coleman R. (1999) Cichlids of the Rio Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Cichlid News 8(1):6-12. Available online

Coleman R. (1999) Cichlids and Science: Mysterious Mouthbrooders. Cichlid News 8(1):32-33. Available online

Coleman R. (1998) Review of "Catalog of Fishes Volumes 1-3 plus CDROM & Website" by W.N. Eschmeyer. Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 21(12):106-108.

Coleman R. (1998) Cichlid Egg Project Reaches 200 species!! Cichlidae Communique. 110:1-7.

Coleman R.M. (1998) Cichlids and Science: Enigmatic Eggs. Cichlid News 7(3):32-33. Available online

Coleman R.M. (1998) Cichlids and Science: Something Old Doing Something New. Cichlid News 7(2):30-31. Available online

Coleman R.M. (1998) Cichlids and Science: The Color Conundrum. Cichlid News 7(1):30-31. Available online

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Coleman R.M. (1997) The Cichlid Egg Project Hits 150 Species. Cichlidae Communique 102:1-6.

Coleman R.M. (1997) The Cichlid Egg Project. The Apisto-Gram 13:18-20.

Coleman R.M. (1997) Cichlids and Science: Whose kids are those anyway? Cichlid News 6(2):30-31. Available online

Coleman R.M. (1997) Review of "Aqualog: reference fish of the world. South American Cichlids I, II and III" by U. Glaser, W. Glaser, and F. Schafer. Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 20:214-215.

Coleman R.M. (1997) Review of "Interrelationships of Fishes" by M.L.J. Stiassny, L.R. Parenti, and G.D. Johnson. Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 20:34-36.

Coleman R.M. (1997) Cichlids and Science: How old is Lake Victoria? Cichlid News 6(1):14-15. Available online

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Coleman R.M. (1996) A nest of Neetroplus nematopus in Costa Rica. Cichlidae Communique 97:12-14

Coleman R.M. (1996) El proyecto huevo de ciclido. Gaceta del Cichlidofilo 4:4-12.

Coleman R.M. (1995) The Cichlid Egg Project. ACARA (Sum 1994) 11-12.

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Swenson R.O., Coleman R.M., Mojica CL (1995) Survey for the tidewater goby (Eucyclogobius newberryi) in Ventura River (Ventura County, California). Environmental Impact Consultant Report for Fugro West Inc., Ventura, California.

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