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Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Laboratory: Joining
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Updated: August 6, 2017

Are you interested in joining the lab?


As a Graduate Student

Important Note: If you are interested in becoming one of my graduate students, you need to read very carefully several key pieces of information: (a) You need to understand what Cal State Apply is; (b) you need to read everything in the Graduate program section of the Biological Sciences website; (c) you need to understand that part of what you have just read is actually NOT TRUE (because it is outdated or simply plain wrong and has not been properly corrected). Write down what you think the rules are as you have read them, then contact me and I will tell you what the rules really are.

I am always looking for highly motivated graduate students. Many students have recently graduated from my lab and have gone on to PhD positions or interesting jobs in Environmental Consulting, Education, Fisheries and Wildlife Management. I am looking for new students who want to join our group.

I work hard and I expect my students to also work hard to achieve their goals. Determination to succeed despite obstacles and to contribute are key characteristics I am looking for.

I am interested in both experimental and theoretical evolutionary ecology. My main interests are in aspects of fish reproduction and parental care, though I am interested in all areas of evolutionary and behavioral ecology. I am open to students interested in these areas and also in the practical application of evolutionary ecology to such issues as fisheries management and aquarium fish husbandry. I will also consider students interested in amphibians and reptiles.

Academic Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions

As an Undergraduate Research Student

There are a number of ways that undergraduates can become involved in research in my lab. The most obvious way is to do an undergraduate research project under my supervision (course Bio 199). This might involve lab research, such as breeding fish in an aquarium; or field research, such as observing or performing field experiments on California fishes. Students may obtain 1 or 2 units of credit for Bio 199. Come and talk to me if you are interested. You do not need to have a project in mind: I have tons of things that need investigating.

I currently have many students involved in the Cichlid Fry Project. If you are interested, ask me about it. It is a great opportunity to learn about and actually do research.

Other students have come to me as part of the McNair Scholars program.

As a Field Assistant

For my annual field work in January in the rivers and rainforest of northeastern Costa Rica, I typically take one or two students along as field assistants. These are volunteer positions for which the student has to pay their own way (airfare, room and board) but the experience is unforgettable. Contact me if you are interested. This is only for highly motivated people who really want to see what field biology is all about. It is not a vacation. It will change your life.

As a Student Assistant

From time to time, I need student assistants to help around the lab. Most often these are volunteer positions. Contact me if you are interested in such a position. Persistence pays.

I am currently looking for one or two undergraduate research students. If you are interested, contact me.

I am currently considering taking two or three new graduate students for Fall 2018 (applications are due Feb 1, 2018). I am open to a broad range of student interests (see above).


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