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Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Laboratory: Rules of the Lab
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Updated: August 6, 2017

The Lab Environment

Always be courteous to other students in the laboratory.

Work as a team; help each other as much as possible. Each of you has skills that the others can benefit from.

With people working closely together, occasional conflicts are going to happen. Attempt to resolve these quickly in a mutually agreeable way; if this can't be done, let me know so I can solve the problem.

The lab is not a silent work environment. Go somewhere else for that. The purpose of the lab is for interaction.

Visitors to the Lab

ANY visitor (student, curious faculty or staff member, member of the public) is to be treated with open arms. You are required to give them a tour of the lab and fish room if they so desire. This rule applies whether you have a midterm coming up, or a term paper due, etc. You must give all visitors at least a brief (5 minute) tour.

The hallway door to the lab is to be left open as much as possible (when someone is in the lab). The purpose of this is to invite people to come in and look around and to see what we do. When no one is in the lab, the door is to be shut and locked to prevent theft or vandalism.

Turning in documents for me to evaluate

Every document that you give to me must have four things in the document (not just in an accompanying email):

1. Your name

2. The Date (not the date it is due, the date you give the document to me -- this is how I keep track of different versions)

3. Some sort of title so I know what the document is about, and

4. Page numbers. In addition, many documents such as grant proposals, and manuscripts, benefit from having line numbers turned on.

You must remove all spelling mistakes before giving me the document.

Ideally, have another member of the lab proofread the document before giving it to me. This will ultimately save you time and will allow me to do a better job with the document.

Letters of reference, etc

Give me two weeks!!!

You need to give me FINAL versions of all applicaton materials two weeks before the letter is due. If you do not, I cannot guarantee that I can write the letter.

Progress Reports

Each student must prepare a progress report, due three times a year. These are due on May 15, August 15, and December 15.

Advancements, Thesis Proposals, etc

Give me at LEAST two weeks!!!

You need to give me FINAL versions of these materials at least two weeks before you want to turn them in. It takes a long time to go over these documents and they need to be done very carefully. You can greatly assist the process by eliminating all typos, spelling errors, etc. to ensure that the document is the best that you can make it.

Be sure that you have looked at similar documents by previous students.

Have other lab members look at these materials prior to giving them to me.


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