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EDTE 233
Teaching Problem-Solving with Educational Technology.

Forum Assignment: Dewey and Technology
Due 11/04/07 Midnight

Chapter Eleven: Experience and Thinking OR Chapter Twelve: Thinking in Education

So far in this class, you created graphic organizers using Inspiration (advance organizers), collaborated online with Google Docs (cooperative learning), explored online WebQuests and WIP’s (inquiry), used creative brainstorming with Google Docs (synectics), used the online forum to present your work (peer review), published your own web page using Google Page Creator (self-instruction), and explored using as well as creating databases with InspireData (inductive thinking).

For this forum assignment, you will search Dewey's writings for quotes to support or refute the use of a technology tool with a teaching strategy.

  1. Select 4 of your favorite quotes.

  2. Describe and explain how each one of the 4 quotes could be used to support or refute the use of technology in the curriculum. Specifiy the chapter # where the quote is located - chapter 11 or 12.

    { Choose one technology tool and a corresponding teaching strategy to illustrate each quote. Feel free to mix and match tools and strategies in addition to the ones listed, as there are numerous possible combinations (constructivism).}

  3. Post a one to two paragraph response to the forum.

  4. Reply to two peer responses;

    a. respond to one peer post by challenging the argument (nicely with facts, research, and/or anecdotes) and,

    b. respond to one peer post by supporting the argument (nicely with facts, research, and/or anecdotes).


Dewey, J. (1926). Democracy and education: An introduction to the philosophy of education. from http://www.ilt.columbia.edu/publications/dewey.html



Joyce Dibble

Students will need an e-mail account and computer access to the Web. All Sacramento State students enrolled in one or more units can create a SacLink account for e-mail. Although a home computer with Internet access running Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape Navigator would be beneficial, students can access the Internet from one of the campus student labs. Check out System Check and Computer Hardware Recommendations for more information about equipment.

Last updated: 10/28/2007