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Extra Credit

Students who have kept up with and enjoyed all the readings may wish to earn extra credit to supplement their grades using any or all of the means listed below. However make sure to prioritize required assignments, since these are worth five to ten times more than extra credit supplements.

Additional Readings, Practices & Terms for **Unit 1**

In selecting a practice & terms for each unit, most people will be drawn to a practice identified in one of the readings guides and addressed in one of the Application Exercises done in class. Interested students may earn **EXTRA CREDIT**, however, by doing additional reading that either (A) provides additional information about one of the above mentioned practices or (B) describes an entirely different practice not yet considered in class. You can also add points to a TRA score by doing a written analysis of one of these optional sources.

A. Additional Information About Practices Considered in Class

  • writing & illustrating history in Akbar's court
    (reflection: God (=Allah), Creator, divine decree, Shaykh Salim)
    (community: Abul Fazl, Akbar's court, khanqah/zawiya)
    [extra credit: Qur'an, chapters 19, 24-25 (IAR, 389-95)]
  • Jahangir's memoir writing & study of paintings
    (reflection: beauty, God, Doomsday, atonement)
    (community: Goa, masters of painting, Inayat Khan)
  • Caitanya Vaishnavite kirtana
    (reflection: Vishnu, Krishna, avatara, bhakti)
    (community: Phuliya, brahman, Caitanya sect, governor)
    [extra credit: Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11
    (IAR, 360-62) & EB overview]
  • Sikh hymn composition & recitation
    (reflection: [Divine] Name, Akal Purakh =(God, Lord, creator), divine judgement, Kaliyuga)
    (community: Panth, Sikh Gurus, Khalsa, Harimandir Sahib)
    [extra credit: Japuji [excerpts] (IAR, 363-65)
    & "Sikh Celebrations and Festivals " (web site)]
  • displaying symbols of power at Tipu's court
    (reflection: God, shakti/Durga, barakat)
    (community: Wodeyars, Mughal dynasty, Sri Rangapattana)
  • writing & reading RK Narayan's English novels
    (reflection: Lakshmi, education, poltergeist)
    (community: M.K. Gandi, Ram Mohan Roy, Co-Operative Bank)
  • storytelling & worship of Mother Ten
    (reflection: Odasa, Sitala, Ganeshji, sword husband)
    (community: Rajput, Holi, Shobhag Kanvar)

B. Additional Practices NOT Considered in Class

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