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From this unit onward, all readings in this schedule must be completed by the day under which they are listed. This requirement is assessed via TRAs, homework and End-of-Unit Challenges throughout the semester.

CAUTION: I reserve the right to make revisions to on-line materials prior to their discussion in class at the relevant point in the semester. Therefore WAIT until that time to print out scenarios and reading guides.

Unit 3b: Late Medieval & Modern Korea & Japan (13th - 20th century CE)

—> Scenario | Reading Guide

Dates Tasks Readings

Tue, April 29

TRA #3b
(individual & team)

overview of Scenario 3b & Reading Guide 3b

STUDY key concepts in these overviews for TRA #3b using the Reading Guide:

BROWSE on-line information regarding contemporary practices described in Scenario 3b:

A. Wakamatsu Tea & Silk Colony
    (see also a local sponsor & video re: Japanese Tea Ceremony)
B. clerical celibacy in the Catholic church
    (read also one priest's defense)
C. about Native American fiction writer Greg Sarris

Thu, May 1

ApEx Set 3b

(*2 HOMEWORK PAGES REQUIRED* - use optional homework worksheet if helpful: PDF | MS Word)

--> specific assignments given in class

LOCATE EXAMPLES from & BEGIN ANNOTATING these historical records to address the Scenario homework, using the Reading Guide & EB links below to get oriented:

A. "The Kizaemon Tea-Bowl" (ASA: RDR, 49-52),

B."Refutation of Clerical Marriage" (RAP: RDR, 110-115)

C. "The Moon on the Water" (MOO: RDR, 142-48)

VIEW the following images to inform your reading of the above sources:

Tue, May 6

ApEx Set 3b, continued

(*HOMEWORK REQUIRED* - use optional homework worksheet if helpful: PDF | MS Word)

VIEW concept maps for two historical sources your team did NOT work on in SacCT

GENERATE IDEAS for applying lessons from those historical sources to corresponding scenario activities

Thu, May 8

End-of-Unit Challenge 3b

  • 10 multiple choice questions
  • culminating team activity

FINISH ANNOTATING & REVIEW all the assigned historical records, oriented by the Reading Guide, to prepare for End-of-Unit Challenge 3b:

IMPORTANT: annotations should include information about terms marked with asterisks (*) in Reading Guide 3b, which must be drawn from these **ONLINE** EB articles (click links below to access) and will be assessed in at least one of the multiple choice questions.

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