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EB = "Encyclopedia Britannica" (on-line)

PPT = "PowerPoint Slides" (click to view)

TRA = "Team Readiness Assessment"

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From this unit onward, all readings in this schedule must be completed by the day under which they are listed. This requirement is assessed via TRAs, homework and End-of-Unit Challenges throughout the semester. --> Accessing the Readings

CAUTION: I reserve the right to make revisions to on-line materials prior to their discussion in class at the relevant point in the semester. Therefore WAIT until that time to print out scenarios and reading guides.

Introductory Unit: Asia, Cultural History, & Team-Based Learning

Dates Tasks Readings
Tue, Jan 28

personal introductions & open inquiry: "what is learning?"

review of this course content site

  • locate and explore this course content site
    (congrats on finding it!)
  • purchase course reader or books (see "Sources")
  • check out www.csus.edu/sringeri (Sringeri Multi-Media Archive)
Thu, Jan 30

"Start of Term Survey"

(1) review of personal learning goals & collection of individual student details for team formation

(2) take trial Team Readiness Assessment (TRA)
individually & in groups
(bring Scantron #815e)

(3) (dis-)orientation to Introductory Scenario & Reading Guide

& review homework for trial Application Exercise

(use optional homework worksheet if helpful: PDF | MS Word)

(1) PRINT question #8-13 from "Start of Term Survey"

and ***BRING TO CLASS***

(2) STUDY key concepts in these overviews for the trial TRA:

(3) OPTIONAL--> READ the Introductory Scenario & BROWSE on-line information regarding Hmong shamanic traditions:

A. "Between Two Worlds: the Hmong in America"
    (documentary on YouTube - parts 1/2/3)

B. "Health Theatre in a Hmong Refugee Camp"

Tue, Feb 4

form teams

trial Application Exercise (ApEx),
parts I & II

Q & A re: homework for the Application Exercise

LOCATE EXAMPLES from & BEGIN ANNOTATING these **ONLINE** historical records (click links below to access) to address the Scenario homework. (Use the introductory Reading Guide & EB links below to get oriented to the readings.)

A. "Possession by Changun" (YouTube)

B. "Video Introduction" & "Festivals: The Tsam Ceremony"
    (Asia Society web site)-->download in PDF format & print out
    + related IMAGES w/ CAPTIONS ONLY: Horned Garuda, Deer, White Old Man & Yellow Dharmapala

Thu, Feb 6

trial End-of-Unit Challenge

  • 10 multiple choice questions
  • culminating team activity

**bring Scantron #815e**

FINISH ANNOTATING & REVIEW the same **ONLINE** historical records (click links below to access), oriented by the Reading Guide, to prepare for the trial End-of-Unit Challenge:

IMPORTANT: annotations should include information about terms marked with asterisks (*) in the Reading Guide, which must be drawn from these **ONLINE** EB articles (click links below to access) and will be assessed in at least one of the multiple choice questions.

WARNING: make sure that you use these links to access EB; going through the library's database page may lead to different material, which will likely confuse you when preparing for TRA.

CONSIDER additional materials for OPTIONAL trial Extra Credit (*20 points*)

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