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Assigned Sources

The two sources listed directly below contain all required readings and must be brought to all relevant class meetings. The course schedule refers to these two sources and the items on the "Optional" list that follows using the BOLD CAPITAL abbreviations next to each title.

Encyclopedia Britannica (EB) [free for enrolled students via links in the on-line version of the course schedule]
"HRS 71 Arts & Ideas of Asia: Medieva & Modernl" Course Reader (RDR)
       [must be mail-ordered from students.universityreaders.com/store or call 1-800-200-3908]

NOTE: the materials in RDR are, with one exception, drawn from the Brown & Hutton, Lopez, and Anderson anthologies listed below, which are also provided on reserve. If you own or purchase all three of these readers and are willing to copy the one exception, you do not need to purchase RDR..

OPTIONAL: for those with special interests in art & religion that are not covered by the course's brief survey, limited copies of the following books are available at the Hornet Bookstore:

Rebecca Brown & Deborah Hutton, eds., Asian Art (ASA)[Blackwell Publishing, 2006, 1992: ISBN # 1-4-51-2241-2]
Donald Lopez, ed., Religions of Asia in Practice (RAP) [Princeton Univ. Press, 2002: # 0-691-09061-1]
G.L. Anderson, ed., Masterpieces of the Orient (MOO) [Norton & Company, 1977: ISBN # 0-393-09196-1]
various Asian art books in the Thames & Hudson "World Art" series

Bradley Hawkins, Introduction to Asian Religions --> Out of print but still available used on-line, and on reserve.

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