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Learning Objectives & Assessments

The following chart outlines the learning objectives for the course--the first three of which are directly linked to the American Academy of Colleges & Universities' learning outcomes for critical thinking--and that form of assessments that will be used to measure the student outcomes in relation to these objectives.

After attentively engaging with course materials, a student should be able to:
This will be assessed by:

(1a) clearly describe the three elements of practice, its social web and the reflection of individuals who practice, and the way that these three interact in all forms of human culture.

a Team Readiness Assessment (TRA) at the start of each unit & framing of details in three Practice Instructions Project
(1b) effectively answer basic questions regarding key events, people, their roles & relationships, locales, times, objects, and words recited, spoken and used for inward reflection associated with selected practices of late medieval & modern Asia, as reflected in assigned historical records of such practice.
multiple choice questions in the End-of-Unit Challenge and in the final End-of-Term Challenge.
(1c) locate reliable scholarly sources that address aspects of Asian culture not yet understood, and extract relevant details from those sources.
questions about terms from online Encyclopedia Britannica for End-of-Unit Challenges and attention to such terms in Practice Instructions Project annotations
(2) select relevant information from assigned historical records of past Asian practices, in order to gather evidence of the mutual influence between a given practice, its social web, and reflection by participants
Application Exercises in each unit and annotation of sources for three Practice Instructions Project
(3a) use this evidence to identify adaptations that could be made to similar contemporary practices in order to strengthen the relationship between a given practice, its social web, and reflection by participants.
the team activity portion of the End-of-Unit Challenge
and the three Practice Instructions Project
(3b) articulate the rationale for those adaptations, compared to other less effective ones that could be made.

the team activity portion of each End-of-Unit Challenge
and the three Practice Instructions Project

(4) effectively communicate with others while refining the skills listed in #1-3.
a Peer Evaluation rating each student's contribution to their team.
(5a) appreciate the emotional impact and intellectual fascination of Asian culture.
observing student participation throughout the course.
(5b) continue to investigate, as modeled throughout the course, the culture of the people encountered throughout life.
the team activity portion of the End-of-Term Challenge.

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