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Team Readiness Assessments (TRAs)

Team readiness assessments (TRAs) are given every three weeks to assess student readiness for the more complex thinking required during application exercises. These assessments measure recognition & basic comprehension of (1) essential terms, (2) primary sources, and (3) key images. IMPORTANT: A number of these same questions then reappear on the final exam.

NOTE: each TRA takes place after a two-period guided reading session introducing the readings, but before the in-depth processing of readings done during team application exercises. Most students thus need to allow more time than they are used to for reading and studying assigned materials on their own.

Logistics (RAP: the "Readiness Assurance Process")

TRAs will be marked via Scantron (#882, 50 questions on both sides) on during the first class of the second week of each three-week unit (see course content site for exact dates). Please make sure to bring a blank Scantron and #2 pencil to class, as these will not be provided. During the exam, make sure to keep your gaze fixed either on your own paper, or at some distant object at the front of the room or ceiling. Gazing at one or more other students' papers will be treated as attempted plagiarism. (See my statements about the importance of academic honesty in FAQ, #10-13.)

Once in class:

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