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After attentively engaging with the materials presented in this course, you should be able to:

  1. (a) effectively answer basic questions, posed by a peer unfamiliar with Buddhist traditions, regarding key terms, images, and primary sources related to Buddhist religious life throughout Asia; and
    (b) locate reliable scholarly sources that address aspects of Buddhist religious life you don't understand fully, and formulate questions to guide your reading of those sources.

  2. use primary sources created by Buddhists themselves in order to
    (a) locate examples of the way what Buddhist do ("practice") and what they think about and feel ("reflection") influence each other in dynamic ways;
    (b) use such examples to address key questions and correct common misperceptions that peers, both in and outside of the classroom, have regarding Buddhism; and
    (c) present a balanced selection of excerpts from the primary sources that supports such explanations of Buddhist traditions.

  3. draw on primary sources to
    (a) compare and contrast, for class members as well as peers outside the classroom, the different viewpoints and rituals of the Buddhist traditions mentioned above; and
    (b) compare and contrast the Buddhist traditions you study in class with those you observe directly at local worship sites.

  4. effectively communicate with peers while refining the skills listed in #1-3.

  5. appreciate both the emotional impact and intellectual fascination of Buddhist culture.

  6. continue to investigate your own and other people's religion and culture throughout your life.

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