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The two sources listed directly below contain all required readings and must be brought to all relevant class meetings. Both are printed by & available from University Readers at students.universityreaders.com/store; you can also call 1-800-200-3908, ext. 503 to place your order. The schedule of readings refers to these two sources using the BOLD CAPITAL abbreviations next to each title.

Joël Dubois, Explorer's Guide to Buddhist Traditions (EGBT)
"HRS 147 - History of Buddhism" Course Reader (RDR)

In addition, you must choose four additional readings in order to complete the written assignments. All are found in the recommended books listed below, also referred to in the remainder of this site using the BOLD CAPITAL abbreviations next to each.

Donald Lopez, ed., Buddhism in Practice (BIP) [Princeton University Press, 2007: ISBN #9780691129686]
Reginald Ray, Buddhist Saints in India (BSI) [Oxford University Press, 1994: ISBN #0-19-513483-4]
John Strong, The Experience of Buddhism (EOB) [Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, 2007: ISBN #9780495094869]
John Strong, The Legend and Cult of Upagupta (LCU) [Princeton University Press, 1992: ISBN #8120811542]

These books have all been placed at the library's reserve collection, which is accessed at the main circulation desk, and a limited number of copies are also available for purchase at the Hornet Bookstore. A few of the sources will also be posted on the SacCT course site.

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