Founding Contributors

Dr. Joël Dubois is a founding contributor and administrator of the archive. He carried out research in Sringeri during 1997-99, observing classes at the traditional Vedic school as well as the practices of various renunciates (sannyasin-s), while earning his doctorate in comparative religion at Harvard Divinity School, which he completed in 2001. Some of this research is presented in his forthcoming book, Hidden Lives of Brahman: Sankara's Vedanta Through his Upanisad Commentaries, In Light of Contemporary Practice. He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities and Religious Studies at California State University, Sacramento, where he teaches courses on Asian religions and cultures.

Dr. Leela Prasad has made many visits to Sringeri, and conducted formal observations there over a decade to explore relationships between oral narrative, ethical discourse, and the poetics of everyday language. This research is showcased in her book Poetics of Conduct: Narrative and Moral Being in a South Indian Town, which was awarded the American Academy of Religion's 2007 prize for the "Best First Book in the History of Religions." She received her Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvaniain 1998, and is currently Associate Professor of Ethics & Indian Religions in the Department of Religion at Duke University.

Other Contributors

Valerie Mighetto, visual image coordinator and designer for Academic Technology & Creative Services at California State University, Sacramento, designed the web site, graphics, and map for this site.

Prashant Sringeri, free-lance photographer working in and around Sringeri, contributed many of the images displayed on the site.

Invitation to Contribute to the Archive

All who have recorded observations of Sringeri through written description, audio and/or visual media are invited to contribute to the archive. Researchers planning work at Sringeri may wish to conduct their work with contribution to the archive in mind. To propose a contribution to the archive, please contact Dr. Joël Dubois at