"Elements of Religion"

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In order to successfully finish this course you must complete:

  1. four (4) TRAs ("team readiness assessments")
    [lowest score dropped; 3 x 25 points for each individual & team = 150 points total]
  2. sixteen (16) application exercises (350 points total), completed in class, *IN TEAMS*
    [receiving full credit for these activities requires preparing & bringing notes for each;
      20% of points for each activity is distributed via peer evaluation in SacCT]

    TBL timeline

  3. three (3) source analyses, drawing on additional readings listed for each unit
    [1-2 pages worksheet, peer review and 2-3 page essay;
    lowest score dropped; 2 x 75 points = 150 points total]
  4. one (1) observation report (150 points)
    [5 page worksheet, peer review and final 5 page product]
  5. one (1) final TRA & 3-4 page notes for final application exercise (200 points)

    [OVERALL SCALE: 940-1000 points=A, 900-939=A-, 870-899=B+, 840--869=B, 800-839=B-, etc.]

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