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The two sources listed directly below contain all required readings and must be brought to all relevant class meetings. Both are printed by & available from University Readers at students.universityreaders.com/store; you can also call 1-800-200-3908, ext. 503. The schedule of readings refers to the first of these two sources and to the first of the "Optional" list that follows using the BOLD CAPITAL abbreviations next to each title.

Joël Dubois, Explorer's Guide to Hindu Traditions (EGHT)
"HRS 179B - The Hindu Year: Spring & Summer" Course Reader (RDR)

In addition, the course schedule includes a number of extra credit readings. Some of these are in the reader; those which are not are in the library's reserve collection, available at the main circulation desk.

Finally, the campus bookstore has also ordered limited copies of each of the following recommended texts, for those seeking a deeper understanding of Hindu religious life. The first three contain readings that you may use for the Source Analysis assignment; you will need to consult one of the lastthree fro your Observation Report. Excerpts from most of these are included in the schedule of readings.

Cornelia Dimmitt & J.A.B. van Buitenen, Classical Hindu Mythology: a Reader in the Sanskrit Puranas
Donal Lopez, Ed., Religions of Indian in Practice
C.J. Fuller, The Camphor Flame: Popular Hinduism & Society in India
Stanley & Ruth Freed, Hindu Festivals in a North Indian Village
   (available free for download from the American Museum of Natural History)
Om Lata Bahadur, The Complete Guide to Hindu Festivals & Ceremonies

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