Chemistry 001A: General Chemistry I Lecture

(Section 15)


California State University, Sacramento

Fall 2007, Chemistry 001 A – General Chemistry I  (5 units)

Mon, Wed, Fri  11:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.

Sequoia Hall 316


Have a great winter break!




*       Fri., 9/14/07:  Chem 1A adjunct course spots are open (first come, first serve).  The course is 1 pass/fail unit.

When: Tues/Thurs 4:20-5:20 pm

Where: Sequoia 128

Teacher: Jason Cooper

*       Mon., 9/10/07:  Research shows that those who study together do better…

Join Chem 1A Study Group

When: M/W/F 12:30-3:30 pm

Where: Third floor of the Library in Periodicals

Contact: Sandra Jeffries, or just show up.

*       Wed., 9/5/07: The (intended) powerpoint from today’s class is now posted online here. 

Information on OWL (online homework) sign-up is posted here.

Also, please remember to sign-up for the 2 list-proc e-mailing lists (links/info below).




*       Wed., 9/5/07:  The powerpoint notes from today’s class can be downloaded here.   OWL info is here.

*       Fri., 9/7/07:  Periodic Table handout and Units handout.

*       Fri., 9/28/07:  Topic checklist for exam #1.

*       Mon., 10/1/07:  Standard solutions / titrations handout.

*       Wed., 10/10/07:  Solution to Hess’s Law example problem from lecture.

*       Fri., 10/12/07:  Pressure units and information for gas law calculations.

*       Wed., 10/17/07:  Solution to the gas law example problem from lecture.

*       Fri., 10/26/07:  Topic checklist for exam #2.

*       Fri., 11/9/07:  Lewis structures for the odd-electron examples NO2 and ClO2.

*       Fri., 11/16/07: VSEPR summary and valence bond terminology.

*       Wed., 11/21/07: VSEPR/MO comparison and MO terminology.

*       Wed., 11/28/07: Intermolecular forces summary.

*       Fri., 11/30/07:  Topic checklist for exam #3.

*       Mon, 12/3/07: PDF version of transparency from today’s lecture.

*       Fri., 12/14/07:  Review problems from today’s lecture.

*      Fri., 12/14/07:  Kinetics topics for the final exam.






Instructor:             Benjamin Gherman

Office Hours:       Thursdays, 9:00a.m. – 10:30a.m. and by appointment

(appointments must be made 24 hours ahead)

Office:                   Sequoia Hall 416-C

Phone:                   916-278-6600

E-mail:           (please include “Chem001A” in the subject line)




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*      Textbook and OWL Information

The textbook is the 6th edition of Kotz and Treichel, copyright 2006. This book will be used throughout the series (Chem 1A, 1B) so you will not buy a new book later.  It includes a CD-ROM with visual linked to the text.   The bundle in the book store comes with the student solutions manual and the OWL text code. You will need this code to access the homework assigned. (I'll explain this when class starts, please see the HW assignments page). If you plan to move on with a career in science or engineering, this book should be a reference in your personal library for many years to come.

If you purchased your test book from another source, you will need to purchase the OWL access code at the bookstore or online. See the link below.

  Text ISBN:   053499766X         
  Student Solutions Manual: ISBN:  0534998526 (optional)
  Together: ISBN 0495139017
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  I-Chapters Link



   Additional Materials:
   Scientific Calculator (required)
   Three-ring binder (suggested)

  All Lab materials are to be downloaded and printed from the "Lab Page".