Child Development 242 (01)
Theoretical Perspectives in Child Development
California State University, Sacramento
Fall, 2010



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  • Final papers are now due by Friday, December 17th (5 pm). You may submit the papers to me electronically as an email attachment to meet the deadline, but if you would like me to provide feedback, you will need to provide a hard copy as well (by December 30th). Papers may be placed under my office door in BRH 232.
  • My (drop in) office hours during finals week are: TUES 12-2, THURS 1-2 (or by appointment).


Thank you all for a very enjoyable class! Wishing you all the best in the New Year and in the next semester!













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For our last class meeting on 12/7, we will be meeting off campus at the Crepe Escape, 5635 H Street. The class will meet from 5- 6:30, and discuss the following questions in small groups:

1)   According to your reading (Ch. 12), what does the ideal school experience look like for children? That is, what components of the school environment make for optimal child development?

2)   Schools are an important context for peer relationships. Given your understanding of peer relationships, what sorts of evidence-based programs could schools put into place to promote positive peer relationships?

3) Discuss your literature review. What were some things you learned about (a) the area of review and (b) writing a lit review in the discipline? Where might you go next if you continue this line of research?

4) Discuss some of the topics you found interesting in the course. What are some areas you'd like to pursue in future classes/assignments.








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  • I will accept early drafts of literature reviews on or before Tuesday, November 24th.







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  • Because of the delay some of you have had in obtaining the Bornstein and Lamb textbook, class is cancelled TODAY (Tues, 10/12). Please use this time to continue your library research for the Literature Review and to catch up on reading for the course. I will be in my office (BRH 232) this evening 5:00-7:00 pm if you'd like to talk to me about your research or class presentation.








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  • The Bornstein and Lamb textbook is now available in the book store!
  • I have made a couple of adjustments to the course schedule. I am eliminating the Baltes reading for Tues 10/5.
  • Be sure to bring a starting topic for your literature review to next week's class as we will be spending some time conducting library research.
  • A summary of your presentation article is due this Tuesday 10/5. There is no response paper due this week.







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  • I have made a couple of adjustments to the course schedule. In preparation for next week's short discussion on writing, take a look at the literature review handout. Bring any questions you have about this assignment with you to class next week.
  • A copy or an abstract/citation of the article you would like to present to the class is due next week 9/14. You may email this or bring it to class with you.










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Hello and welcome! Here are a few things to keep in mind as we begin the course.

  • Be sure to peruse the course web page, especially the schedule and assignments pages. You will want to check this announcements page and the course schedule each week for updates. You needn't print everything out, just those things (e.g., handouts) that will be useful to have as hard copies. Note that the announcements page and course schedule will be updated regularly.
  • One of the required texts for the course (Bornstein and Lamb) is newly published and will not be available until early October. We will not be reading from this text until it becomes available.
  • Supplementary readings for the course will be posted as pdf files on the web site (linked to the course schedule). Pease see me for the password for these documents.
  • We will meet from 5:30-7:15 for the first class session on 8/31. 

Looking forward to a successful semester!





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