Geology 230

Groundwater/ Surface Water Interaction

Course material and Assignments

California State University, Sacramento


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Syllabus and schedule

Week 1

Stream classification

Week 2

Quantifying hyporheic interactions

Week 3

Influence of the hyporheic zone on stream chemistry and solute transport      
Week 4 Arid hydrology and the hyporheic zone

Week 5

Nutrient cycling- nitrogen

Week 6

Nutrient cycling- phosphorus

Week 7

Nutrient cycling- carbon, carbon characterization

Week 8

Midterm exam: Thursday March 21


Sample midterm

Spring Break

Week 9

Anoxia, anaerobic biogeochemical reactions

Week 10

Primary productivity and microorganisms (Katy O., Daniel)

Week 11

Subsurface influence on surface biology

Week 12

Restoration ecology

Week 13

Wetlands delineation (Michelle Stevens)

Week 14

Aquatic macroinvertebrates (Joanne Hild)

Week 15

Heat flow measurements and hyporheic modeling (Celia Zamora)

Comprehensive Final Exam: Tuesday, May 21st



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