Geology 12 - Historical Geology
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Phanerozoic Aquarium and Terrarium

You will use an imaginary set of aquariums and terrariums representing the typical life during the Phanerozoic to write two descriptions of life through time.

I. Time Travel Submarine: due Dec. 9th

You will need these handouts:

Evolution of Invertebrates

Evolution of Fish

Aquarium pages

You are the Chief Paleontologist on the time traveling submarine Nautilus.  Your job is to write your observations of the marine ecosystem as you move forward in time from the Cambrian to the Cenozoic.  Your observation log should include a section for each time period: Cambrian, Middle Paleozoic, Late Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic.

II.  Safari Through Time: Due Dec. 9th

You will need these handouts:

Evolution of Tetrapods

Evolution of Plants

Terrarium pages

You are the tour guide for the new theme park, Phanerozoic Park.  The tour starts in the Cambrian and runs through the Cenozoic.  Write the script for your narration for the tourists, describing the plants and animals they will see in each section of the park.  Be sure to note important events, such as the evolution or disappearance of major groups.

Be sure to divide your script into these sections: