Geology 12 - Historical Geology
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Reading: Chapter 10

The main things we want out of this chapter are 1) the evidence for Cambrian environments and 2) the evidence severe weather leaves behind. Be sure to note the links to other Web Sites and be sure to visit them to answer the questions.


Terms you should know:

aulacogen -


Key Concepts and Questions:

1. Breakup of the Proterozoic supercontinent

What is the evidence that at least one supercontinent existed in the Proterozoic? (we'll do this in class)

To see reconstructions of the Proterozoic supercontinent:


What is the evidence that a supercontinent broke up at about 500- 600 mya?



2. Cambrian rocks


How did deposition change toward the end of the Cambrian? What does this tell us about paleogeography and plate setting?



3. Episodic events

Find at least three indications of severe weather events left behind in Cambrian rocks. Why would we expect the sedimentary rocks of this large epeiric sea to be impacted primarily by large episodic storms rather than gradual deposition?





4. What was the paleoclimate of North America during the Cambrian?

What evidence exists to tell us about paleoclimate?




1. Proterozoic supercontinents

You should be able to:

2. Cambrian sediments

You should be able to:

3. Episodic events

You should be able to:

3. Paloeclimate

You should be able to: