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Hellen Lee
English Department


ENGL 198T Senior Seminar in English

Caribbean Creole. What does it mean to be Creole? Depending upon specific historical, linguistic, social, national and political contexts, Creole can refer to a language, an ethnicity, a racial category, a marker of birth, and/or a culture. In other words, the meaning of Creole has changed over the centuries from a simple definition of a person of mixed-heritage born in the colonies to a radical political philosophy endorsing pan-African alliance. By examining various aspects of Caribbean literature from different analytical approaches, students will refine advanced-level critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. Students will engage in extensive research projects focused on academic inquiry: they will evaluate, analyze, and interpret a variety of primary and secondary sources in order to enter into scholarly conversations; and integrate primary and secondary sources into their analysis. The final paper will go through multiple revisions and peer reviews.