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Hellen Lee, Ph.D.
English Department


Conducting research and engaging in scholarship is one of the most important contributions that undergraduate students can make before graduating and moving onto new challenges. Seniors in the English Department are required to complete a capstone course where they write a research paper and demonstrate the culmination of their undergraduate training and preparation.

Please click on the links below to read the research papers of several recently graduated seniors from the English department:


"The Art of Interactive Narratives in Video Games: Reinventing Storytelling Through the Eyes of the Player" by Andrew Carhart

"No Fats, No Femmes:  An Examination of the Value of Masculine Performance Within the Gay Male Community" by Ryan Mallory

"Political Dumpster Diving: How the Mainstream Media Throws Subcultures to the Curb" by Rachel Lomax

"Sex and the City: A Pseudo Sexual Revolution" by Sarah Shriner

"Volunteerism in the United States: How the Government is Retracting its Promise to Take Care of its Citizens" by Jamie Ferrando

"The Wilderness and American Tourist Ideas; the Dangerous Side of Nature’s Representation in Popular Culture" by Amanda Briney

"The World of Warcraft:  Good Business or Cyber Crack?" by John Daulton


Please note that all the papers are copyrighted. For permission to copy, cite, or otherwise reproduce, the authors can be contacted through me.