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A spoiled movie star and an underpaid grocery store check-out clerk trade lives with hilarious consequences. Based on Mark Twain's "The Prince and the Pauper", this novel is a comic look at the Hollywood Pecking Order. Written under Mackey's pen name Kate Clemens.

Horse-riding nomads from the steppes have invaded a peaceful, goddess-worshipping Europe that has never known war. Mackey traces the path of a young priestess, and her nomad lover from the cave paintings of western France to the temples of Sardinia against a backdrop of breathtaking beauty.

"Fascinating . . . the best of its kind" - Marion Zimmer Bradley (author of "The Mists of Avalon")
4368 B.C. Old Europe is falling apart as bands of nomad raiders sweep relentlessly closer to the peaceful city of Shara. It is up to the Sharan's priestess-queen Marrah who has been initiated into the mysteries of the Dark Goddess, to lead her people in a fight for survival.

"Inventive and imaginative." - The New York Times
The year is 4300 B.C. The place is Europe, where Eastern nomads have invaded Shara, a civilized city that worships the Great Goddess. There a bold, passionate young woman named Keshna comes of age as a female warrior and daring avenger. Keshna joins forces with Queen Marrah's daughter, Luma; and together the two young woman ride north to rescue Marrah's son Keru who has been kidnapped by the evil nomad diviner Changar.

"Mackey joins the company of Jean Auel and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas." - Marge Piercy, author of Woman on the Edge of Time.
Her published works include four volumes of poetry, Split Ends, One Night Stand, Skin Deep, and The Dear Dance of Eros, published by Fjord Press, a novella Immersion, and eight novels McCarthy's List, Doubleday, 1979; The Last Warrior Queen, Putnam, 1983; A Grand Passion, Simon & Schuster, 1986; The Kindness of Strangers, Simon & Schuster 1988; Season of Shadows, Bantam, 1991; The Year The Horses Came, Harper San Francisco, 1993; The Horses At The Gate, Harper San Francisco, 1996; and The Fires of Spring, Dutton Signet, 1998.

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