R. Scott Mackey, M.A.
California State University
, Sacramento
Communication Studies Department

Fall 2007



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Communication Studies/Journalism 122

"Two tickets to paradise" assignment

(with all apologies to Eddie Money)


Description: The purpose of this assignment is to help you get creative and broaden your ability to communicate in different media.

Assignment: Answer the following questions in writing. You can use sketches or any other approaches that help spur your creativity.

Describe your favorite vacation from either childhood or adulthood.

Why was this your favorite vacation?

What are some of the major visual images you have of this vacation?

What did you do on this vacation?

What are some unique aspects of the vacation's locale?

What would you change about the vacation to make it better?

In writing:

1. Write 1-3 paragraphs answering the above questions.

2. Write a 30-60 second radio commercial selling your vacation destination/package. Indicate sound effects, if any.

3. Write a 30-60 second television commercial selling your vacation destination/package. Indicate visuals and sound.


In writing, describe the differences in writing for radio versus video.










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Updated: July 21, 2007