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Writing a 60-second audio script


In this assignment you will write a 60-second audio script about one of the following subjects:


  • Don't drink and drive
  • Get a flu shot
  • Promote carpooling
  • Support the local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

The medium/style can be:

  • radio commercial
  • radio news story
  • radio public service announcement
  • other audio format as approved by instructor

Complete the assignment as follows:

1. Tell which of the above subjects and medium/styles you are covering. (For example, "radio public service announcement about dangers of drunken driving")

2. Define, briefly, your target audience (for example, "young adult males who will be attending spring break in Palm Springs").

3. Write down the goal of your spot (for example, to get target audience members to use a designated driver or call a cab). Make sure you have a "call to action" that clearly indicates what the target audience should do to achieve this goal.

4. Take advantage of the audio medium as appropriate by using music, sound effects, vocal variety, or other aural features.


The format you use should indicate clearly who is speaking and what music or sound effects are being used. The following is one format that you can use (the following is for format illustration purposes only - your script will be longer and need to include more information):

60-second audio spot

JOHN: Look out, Dude!

(sound of screeching tires)

ALEX: Wo! That was like so close! Thanks for warning me, man.

JOHN: (sighs with relief) You almost killed us both. Better give me the car keys. I told you that you were too messed up to drive.

ALEX: Got you man. Here you go. (sound of keys being tossed and caught)

(serious-sounding music up)

NARRATOR: The next time you think about driving after drinking listen to your friends .... before you get behind the wheel.

(music out)



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Updated: July 21, 2007