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California State University
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Communication Studies Department

Fall 2007



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Communication Studies/Journalism 122

Interactive assignment


In this assignment you will take the content from your text assignment and transform it into a “Web site.”


  1. You will not build an actual Web site.  Rather you are to create a in the software of your choice (95% of students use MS-Word) a hardcopy document representing the content you would give to a Web designer to build out your page.
  2. The assignment consists of the following three parts:


1)       An explanation of the seven-step process used to develop this site.  As a reminder, the seven steps are:  define the communication problem, define the target audience, define the objective, define the strategy, define the content, define the appropriate medium, and create the concept.  The process is explained in detail in the text.  This section should be at least 400 words long.

2)      A flow chart showing the taxonomy of your Web site. This will be discussed and demonstrated in class.

3)      The content of your site.  This is where you build out your Web site by writing content for the various pages identified in your flow chart.  This could be as simple as cutting and pasting content from your text assignment into the appropriate pages on your Web site.  However, you will need to make sure that content is “Webified,” meaning it is concise, scannable and easy to read.

Each page/section of your site should have an appropriate heading that reflects the content of that page.

Each page/section should show your navigational structure and position of links

Indicate with a text box where you plan to have photos, video or other graphics inserted. 


Remember, this assignment is intended to show a Web designer how to build out your Web site.


  1. This assignment is worth 50 points.  You will be graded as follows:

    1. How well you follow instructions
    2. Writing quality—did you “Webify” your content; spelling; grammar; and style.




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Updated: July 21, 2006