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Fall 2007



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Writing a 60-second video script


In this assignment you will write a 60-second video on one of the following subjects:


This class (Writing for Interactive Media)
Getting a degree from CSUS
Attending a CSUS sporting event - real or imagined
Attending a CSUS cultural event - real or imagined

The medium/style can be:

Television commercial
Television news story
Videotape for distribution to a specific audience
Web-based video

Complete the assignment as follows:

1. Tell which of the above subjects and medium/styles you are covering. (For example, "television commercial about getting a degree at CSUS.")

2. Define, briefly, your target audience (for example, "working mid-career adult without college degree who wants to earn a bachelors").

3. Write down the goal of your spot (for example, raise initial awareness, or find out more information, or attend event, or enroll in class/university, etc.).

4. Cover at least 2 features and 2 benefits about your subject.

Feature = characteristic of your subject (for example, regarding attending CSUS for a working person: "early morning and evening classes").
Benefit = what's in it for the viewer (for example, to this same working person: "you can earn your degree and still go to work").

5. Conclude with a "Call to Action," which is what you want the viewer to do (an interactive component).

Relates to your goal (what do you want the viewer to do?)
Examples: "call or log on for more information," "take your family to this week's game," "talk to a faculty advisor," etc.

Remember: what are some of the differences in writing for video vs. print vs. audio? Use the advantages that video offers and minimize the medium's disadvantages.


See these samples for the script format you should use.



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Updated: July 21, 2007