Martell's PRIME SITES: World History
This annotated list contains selected History websites organized around a set of four themes: countries, events, individuals, and periods. No attempt has been made to be exhaustive. Typically very few sites are listed in comparison to the number of sites actually available. The quality of the site and the availability of images and substantive text are primary considerations.

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World History
Pre-History to the Present

Ancient World
Medieval World
Modern World
To 476 A.D.
476 - 1600 A.D.
1600 - Present


candleS.gif Documents in Law, History, and Government
  The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School is a valuable resource with thousands of original documents. There are over 100 documents translated into English from the Archives of the German Foreign Office on Nazi-Soviet Relations 1939-41. The documents are organized by author/title, title of collection, and century starting with a pre 18th century category. The majority of documents are related to the United States.

Documents in Military History
  Contains information about battles fought from Ancient to Modern times. Some wars or engagements may have to 2 or 3 electronic documents while others such as the Napoleonic Wars may link to a dozen or more. The texts usually describe a battle from the perspective of a participant.

blueanstar.gif Electronic Text Collections
  Excellent list of sites organized by historical period, century and region or continent. Both comprehensive and specialized sites are included.

Historical Information Resources
  One hundred forty six sites with good reviews of selected new sites.

History of the World
  This site provides a combination of graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps for the last 3,000 years of world history. There are four major categories - history, events, people, and maps. These are arranged on a timeline or lifeline. Major world figures, for example, are listed on the lifeline. Click on a name and a small frame appears along the right margin. This frame provides extremely brief biographical information and occasionally links to other sites.

Macrohistory Macrohistory and World Report
  Fifty one brief articles by Frank Smith on the Ancient World.

Repositories of Primary Sources
  A list of over 5,000 websites linked to holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary resources for scholars. The list is organized by continent, region, and country. There is no indication as to which sites have texts available electronically.

Voice of the Shuttle: History Page
  Extensive list of sites organized by continent, country, subject (economic history, military history, and history of the family) and general topics (conferences). Some sites are annotated.



candleS.gif ABZU: Resources for the Study of the Ancient NearEast
  This large scholarly site associated with the Argos group is organized by Primary Indexes (author and project or institutional affiliation) and Secondary Indexes (regional - Egypt and Mesopotamia and subject - maps and atlases, online journals, and other categories). The sites are extremely varied including articles or book excerpts, book reviews, faculty home pages, and associations.

faering.gif Amazing Ancient World of Western Civilization
  Visually appealing and attractive site with a long list of links to other sites. Short descriptions of valuable sites are written in a lively and engaging manner.

The Ancient World
  This site has many varied subjects, as in a book, and is part of Frank Smitha's Macrohistory and World Report, which includes material from pre-history to the 21st century.

candleS.gif Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet
  This well-constructed site by Paul Halsall attempts to track all Byzantine material. It begins with 2 pages of background information about Byzantium. The resources are organized around themes including course outlines, bibliographies, articles, images, music, reference documents, and links to other sites.

ETANA: Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives
  This site is a cooperative effort which includes the ABZU site listed above. It contains 363 core texts made available through ETANA and indexes 1861 e-books which can also be accessed by either author or title.

candleS.gif Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
  The goal of this site is to provide organized texts for use in classroom situations for the study of the Ancient Near East,Greece, and Rome. Access to full-text materials is emphasized. Many hundreds of full-text resources can be found at the sites listed. The site also has links to ancient legal sources and visual and aural materials. The site is a companion to Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook and Modern History Sourcebook. His sites are recognized for their quality and the scope and organization of the material that they contain.

blueanstar.gif Lactus Curtius: Into the Roman World
  A well developed site by Bill Thayer with many useful features: (1) gazetteer with 340 images and a brief commentary on Roman towns and monuments; (2) atlas with 29 maps; (3) links to over 1300 websites on the history, art, and literature of Ancient Rome; (4) Latin inscription site; (5) Thomas Codrington’s 1903 classic Roman Roads in Britain; (6) 28 chapters and 13 maps from the Geography of Claudius Ptolemy; and (7) Books 1-37 (Latin) of the Natural History of Pliny the Elder.

faering.gif Perseus Project: An Evolving Digital Library
  This site for the study of the ancient world includes ancient texts and translations (489 texts and 112 secondary sources), maps, secondary essays, and other well-organized information. The Primary Text Index contains the works of thirty Greek literary figures. The Overview of Archaic and Classical Greek History by Tom Martin is an exciting electronic book with cross-links to other factual and textual materials. In the Essays and Catalogs section under Secondary Sources there are electronic texts by and about Thucydides.



EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History
  Selected transcriptions, facsimiles, and translations of many important documents from Medieval and Renaissance Europe organized in chronological order.

The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
  An attractive, well-designed site with information about many aspects of Medieval life. The History section includes "documents" and "military and warfare" with 11 and 22 entries respectively. The full-text of Sun Tzu's The Art of War is included. There are only 3 links to other general sites but they are among the best. This is an Argos Associate Site.

faering.gif Internet Medieval Sourcebook
  One of the great sites. Editor Paul Halsall emphasizes access to primary texts. The site is well-organized and the layout is exemplary. The 26 "subjects" sections include countries, periods, events, and themes. In each section there are lengthy lists of well-chosen sites. In addition there are major divisions by Full Text Sources, Saints' Lives, Medieval Legal History, and Maps and Images. The Full Text Sources contain many book length resources.

blueanstar.gif Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
  A thoughtfully organized site with links to selective resources of high quality. There are links to online journals and some full-length materials. The National Cultures index has nine entries by country. The International Cultures index has 10 entries including medieval, religious, and social history. There are 5 Special Topics including medieval women, medievalism in postmodern contexts, and Vikings, runes, and Norse culture. The Medieval Studies Text, Image, and Archival Database has some excellent sites. Labyrinth is encouraging contributions to its Pedagogical Resources database.

Medieval Life & The Hundred Years War
  An electronic book with 200,000 words in hypertext. The chronological coverage is good but the book lacks a cohesive point of view that ties the various parts together. One of the ber sections, Medieval Society and Culture, is 3 pages long with 20 cross-links to subjects as varied as Pay Rates for Royal Officials and Fertility, Life Expectancy, and Survivability. Some original documents are included. Currently there are no links to other websites.

Medieval Literature and History Home Page
  A well-designed site with annotated descriptions of a fine selection of websites.

candleS.gif Online Medieval and Classical Library
  This collection includes 35 full-length texts of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval Civilization. Each of the texts can be searched by title, author, genre, and language.

The ORB: On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
  The ORB Encyclopedia is an index of original essays arranged by topic. The ORB Library Connection links to texts on this and other servers. Among the links are the first-rate Halsall sites, the Global Catholic Network Library with 9,000 files, and as many as 100 full-text resources. The ORB Reference Shelf includes online bibliographies at other sites, graphics, and other useful sites sorted by subject, e.g., general medieval resources, history, and literature and manuscripts.

World History Compass: Europe: Medieval
  A very large list of sites accessible through a simple to use alphabetical index organized primarily by country and continent.


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EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History
  The History of Europe as a Supernational Region is one of the two "modern" categories at this site. There are links directly to transcriptions, facsimiles, and translations at this site and to major document collections at other sites. The other category links to an index of documents organized chronologically by country. The number of documents that are accessible appears to be in the thousands.

First World War.Com
  This is a wonderful site with a great deal of content. Nine major battles zones are listed. Within the Western Front alone fifty one battles are described. There is an encyclopdedia, hundreds of photographs indexed and accessible, over seventy featured articles, biographies of commanders, and many other features.

The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century
  A creative and visually inspiring site based on a PBS Production with a wonderful mixture of graphics, images, and text.

blueanstar.gifList of Great Speeches
  One hundred or more speeches from around the world: some before 1900. Lou Gehrig's "The Luckiest Man . . ." includes the speech, its context, comments from contemporaries, photographs, baseball records and statistics, and and links to other sites. Very well done.

Macrohistory Macrohistory and World Report
  This electronic book by Frank Smitha covering the period from 1900 to World War II has 58 chapters ranging from a few pages to as many as 20 pages. Three maps and some recommended readings are included. There are no cross-links.

candleS.gif Modern History Sourcebook
  The goal of this site is to serve the needs of teachers and students in college survey courses in modern European history and American history, as well as in modern Western Civilization and World Cultures. Access to full-text materials is emphasized. Hundreds can be found at this site and hundreds more through links to other sites. The site is a companion to Halsall's Ancient History and Medieval Sourcebooks. Paul Halsall's sites are recognized for their quality and the scope and organization of the material that they contain.

blueanstar.gif The World War I Document Archive
  An excellent site. This archive of primary documents is organized by Conventions, Treaties and Official Papers, Documents byYear, Memorials and Personal Reminiscences, WW 1 Biographical Dictionary, WW 1 Image Archive (over 1000 images, including flags, maps, medals, and photos), Special Topics and Commentary Articles, and finally World War 1Sites: Links to Other Resources. This last site (Guide to History Resources on the Internet) for located at the University of Kansas ( provides an extensive list of resources by country with brief descriptions of some entries.

spirit-stick.gif World War I: Trenches on the Web
  A visually stunning highly sophisticated site with excellent images, brief biographies with cross-links, and an abundance of features including weapons of war, maps, photos and posters, documents archive, and list of other sites.

WW II Resources
  Contains an impressive number of original documents regarding all aspects of the war. The Japanese Monographs section lists 187 studies of Japan's role in WW II written by the Japanese participants in the war's events. 6 of the studies are available as full-text. The On-Line Books from the U.S. Center of Military History section has 25 full-text publications. French (Yellow Book) and British (War Blue Book) sections have important state documents about pre-war political strategies.

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