Building a WebQuest


Microsoft Word


Introduction-Task-Process -Resources-Evaluation-Conclusion



  • The webpage you are looking at was created with Microsoft Word.  Here are the features that we used in creating this page.

·      Two tables were built, one for the title and one for the actual webquest.

·      Text was typed into the cells of the tables, color, size, and style of the text was adjusted.

·      An image was copied and pasted from the internet right into the Word Document.

·      There are ‘anchors’ or ‘targets’ on the page.  When you click on Introduction, Task, Process, Resoures, Evaluation or Conclusion, the cursor jumps down the page.

·       There are ‘hyperlinks’ in the resource section.

·      The file was saved as a webpage, File>Save As Web Page.


  • Your task is to download the Word template and create a webquest.


·      Look at some webquest examples, get some ideas.  Click on Top, Middling or New on the left side in the black bar.

·      Download the Word Webquest Template. Right click on the link, drag to Save Target As, browse to your favorite save place (My Documents).

·      Copy and paste a picture from the internet into your title bar where it says image.

·      Type in your webquest, remember you are just using Microsoft Word.

·      Inserting a Hyperlink in Word

§       Launch Internet Explorer or Netscape

§       Browse to one of your resources

§       Click and drag in the address(location) bar (Select the address or ‘URL’)

§       Click on Edit>Copy

§       Launch or return to your webquest in Word.

§       Scroll down to the Resources section. There are two options to get the link active in the resource section.

1.     Place your cursor where you want the link, click on Edit>Paste or press control V (Mac-Apple V)


1.     Type in a phrase (Ex: Click learn about Mars)

2.     Select the Word Mars (or whatever word/phrase you are using)

3.     Click on Insert>Hyperlink

4.     Place cursor in the ‘LinkTo’ or ‘Type the file or Web page name’ box. (Depends on version of Word)

5.     Press Control V (paste)

6.     Click OK

7.     Return to the page and test the link.


·      Save often

·      Saving as a webpage:

·      Create a folder in my documents for your webpage.

·      Click on File>Save as Webpage

·      Browse to the folder

·      Save



·      Webquest Examples

·      Word Webquest Template

·      Google Image Search



·      Test your webpage

§       Launch Explorer or Netscape

§       Click on File>Open

§       Navigate to the folder where you saved the webpage

§       Click on the webpage, click ok.

§       Test your links




·      Now that you are a webmaster, make some more for your students.

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