COMS 100A - Assignments
Survey of Communication Studies

Rhetoric Webform Assignment
Week #12


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Select one of the following three websites to analyze:

Go to the site and read it carefully, 2-3 times. (Be prepared to go back and look at the site again in order to complete the assignment.) When you're finished reading it, conduct a mini-rhetorical analysis of the site by answering the following questions:

1. Describe what you think the "rhetorical situation" is for this website. Who is the author? What circumstances inspired the creation of the website? What does the author need to accomplish with the message? What obstacles does the author face in trying to persuade his/her reader?

2. What rhetorical strategies does the author employ in the website to help persuade the audience? (Identify at least three and give specific examples in the space below). Write at least three paragraphs to develop your response.

3. Given the rhetorical situation you described in question #1 above, how effective do you think the author's strategies are? Justify your answer in the space below.


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