COMS 100A - Assignments
Survey of Communication Studies

Small Group Comunication
Reflection One
Week #9


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  1. Look at the lists of group member roles in your textbook (pp. 276-281). Identify the roles played by each member of your group. For each group member, cite a specific example of something they said or did which caused you to label their role as you did.

  2. Describe the patterns of communication in your group. Who talked to whom? How often? Who did not talk to whom? Who talked most and least often? Which of the five models on p.288 of your textbook most resembles your group's communication pattern?

  3. Name one strength of your group's communication patterns and dynamics. Name one weakness in your group's communication patterns and dynamics.

  4. Did your group discuss which decision making technique you would use? If yes, explain why your group chose that particular technique. If no, what difference would it have made if your had discussed the selection of a technique?

  5. What decision making technique did your group used (whether you explicitly discussed it or not)? Did you group members follow the rules of that technique? Why or why not? What was the impact of following or not following the rules of that technique?

  6. Name one advantage and one disadvantage of the technique your group used. Explain.

  7. What other technique do you think might have helped your group?


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